Not One Blow In The Crazy APC Civil War In Abuja! –Tony Okoroji | Independent Newspapers Limited
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Not One Blow In The Crazy APC Civil War In Abuja! –Tony Okoroji

Posted: Jun 13, 2015 at 4:36 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

On Thursday, I read an interesting post by my long time friend and namesake, Tony Agenmonmen, on Facebook. The post was on the crazy APC civil war in Abuja which kept Nigerians gripped to their seats as the entire nation became one huge TV viewing center. Nobody has any reliable figures on TV viewership in Nigeria but something tells me that we might have hit a record on Tuesday. The screenplay had power, money, love, hatred, betrayal and all the other elements that make for a great movie script. Everybody in Nigeria, in and out of Nollywood, has since been reviewing the incredible movie that played out as we watched. I could not help but react to Tony Agenmonmen’s Facebook review. My reaction: 

Saraki and Tinubu

Saraki and Tinubu

“The leadership of the APC was completely unsophisticated in the way it handled the National Assembly elections. APC had only one plan. There was no back up whatsoever. They did not watch their flanks. In politics, that is an invitation to disaster. After so ruthlessly defeating the mighty PDP, they began to feel that they can order everybody around. There was no serious attempt at negotiations. Bukola Saraki is a Nigerian. Most Nigerians have moved on. It is time the APC leadership moved on to face Nigeria’s real problems. Enough of politics. Let’s do some governing”

I went through every octave of emotions on Tuesday as the intrigues played out in Abuja on live television. ‘Wow… Is this truly happening? … Sad… Great!’ There were minors, majors and diminished chords in the fascinating soundtrack played by the National Assembly Orchestra. The lows, the mids and the highs…Truly, it was every octave of emotions for me.

Which APC did we see in Abuja this week? Was this the same leadership of the All Progressives Congress which clinically nominated Presidential Candidate Buhari despite the huge egos and massive investments at play? Were these not the same guys who put the Nay Sayers to shame when they successfully traversed the land mine infested nomination of Yemi Osinbajo as Vice Presidential candidate? Pray, were these not the same guys who sent GEJ and ‘Pepe’ and Orubebe and Ngozi and Dieziani and Fani Kayode and their motley of chorus singers on early retirement from Abuja? What happened? Why was their politics at such a kindergarten level during the week? Are they good only as an opposition party? Can they govern? I was sad.

On this page, I had written about how every Igbo man ought to search his soul as to how one of the tripods of the big cooking pot called Nigeria disappeared following the last elections. For once, the Igbos were nowhere near the Nigerian kitchen  as our nation got set to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for its children over the next for years. I know how many people of Igbo extraction who discussed this with me and shared in the sadness. As the APC went for the jugular of Bukola Saraki during the week, a crack appeared and the PDP slipped in and the Igbos got back into the kitchen. Is it such a bad thing? Time will tell.

I have heard the many arguments for and against what happened on Tuesday. I get the sense that the Nigerian people do not want anyone, no matter how mighty, to lord it over them again. It is clear that Nigerians do not want to be slaves to anyone anymore. The parties played all kinds of games over the nomination of candidates to different positions before the elections. Many looked the other way while these games lasted. Once the Senators and members of the house have been elected, for the APC to want to flex its muscles openly and control what they do was ill advised. It simply meant that the legislators would never have independence. What kind of democracy is that? It was bad when the PDP did it. It is bad for the APC to try to do it. Yes, the leaders of the parties may have their preferred candidates. They may persuade, they may negotiate, they may influence but they cannot impose. Did anyone notice that there was no blow exchanged on Tuesday, no chairs were thrown and nobody’s face was scratched?

Have we so soon forgotten how the APC got the big muscles with which it gave the crushing knockout to the PDP? As the PDP won elections after elections, the leadership of the PDP got a bit intoxicated with power and began to issue orders to one and all. Where it could have negotiated, it refused to and adopted a ‘take it or leave it’ attitude Regardless of the protest of people like Rotimi Amaechi, PDP would not listen. That is how Amaechi & Co joined the APC. The end result is that PDP which was supposed to rule for 60 years is today an opposition party in Nigeria. Those of us who are not politicians expected that a big lesson would have been learnt from that experience as to how a political party treats its members. No sir! Nigerian politicians appear to be a special breed and listening to the APC officials during the week, you could easily mistake them for the PDP High Command during the Bamanga Tukur era when things fell apart and the center just dissolved.

What happened last Tuesday may indeed be liberation for the Nigerian people. Who says change is not here?


See you next week.