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Not All Actresses Are Promiscuous –Bayray

Posted: Jul 25, 2015 at 1:24 am   /   by   /   comments (0)


Eberechukwu Nwizu has been known popularly as Bhaira McWizu or Bayray especially after winning the Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) reality show. Today, she is one of the most sort after actresses in the industry. In a recent chat with Hazeez Balogun, she speaks about the misconception about actresses her career as an actress.

We have not seen your movie in recent times, what is happening?

In recent times, yes, and that is because I am doing a lot of work at the moment. I am on different sets shooting movies and soap operas. I am also on television at the moment, I am on Tales of Eve that is showing on air now.


You won AMBO and went straight to work, how did the show impact your career?

Before the show, I was not acting though I was going for auditions, I was never picked. By winning the competition, I quickly  became famous and a lot of peoplesaw how talented I was and the kind of roles. It is not easy for a reality show winner to make it to the big stage, but I was determined to make it I did not let the winning of the show get to my head. I went straight to work, attending auditions. My mother was also very helpful, she was always pushing me after AMBO. Unfortunately she died recently.


After becoming famous, actors tend to try their hands with production, are you doing this?

For now, no. I don’t think I will be going into production very soon. I understand why some of my colleagues do that. I believe that every actor turned producer is just trying to put their wealth of wisdom into play. I also want to do this but not right now. for now, I am still exploring the field of acting and dramatising.


Young actors are easily type casted as sluts and chasing after men for money in movies, do you feel comfortable with these roles?

I want to be able to play any role. I don’t want to fit into any sort of role and people will get to associate me with certain roles. For example in Nelson Jumbo’s movie I am on at the moment, I had to play a typical Igbo woman who is the bread winner of her house. Another movie I was on recently I played a frigid woman. On a stage play, I played Sidi a Yoruba woman. If you see, all these characters are so different, and that is what I like. Playing unfamiliar roles are always the challenge I like to take on. I like to explore myself.


Have you regretted taking on a particular role?

No, I don’t regret anything. The closest thing to regret I sometimes do is when I look back at some movies I had taken part in, I tell myself, I could have done better. But that is not regret, I only learn from such.


You have been popular for some time now, are you still surprised the way some fans react?

That continues to amaze me. Sometimes I would be in church and people will come telling me about one role I played or the other. I am an usher in my church and there are some places I cannot go in the church because I know that some people will be staring at me instead of concentrating on the message. I am a kind of person that easily forgets about the stardom and live my life as I have always done, but it is impossible. Sometimes I would have forgotten my status, my assistant will quickly pinch me and tell me that people are staring at me.  I really do not live in that euphoria but, I have to be composed because people are always watching.


What is the craziest thing that a fan has done to you?

I see crazy every day. One funny thing happened on my social media handle recently. There was big fight between two of my fans. They were fighting over who is my greatest fan. I first thought it was a joke, until it became serious. They started to insult each other, I had to wade in.


How do you use your popularity to make changes in the society?

I do a lot of Charity work. I don’t like to mention them because, what I do is between me and God. I don’t need to start mentioning what and what I have done for charity.

How do you feel when actress are called slut that sleep around?

Well you know I don’t do anything of such, then I do not judge people for the decisions they make in life. The fact that my own sin is not the same as someone else’s sin does not give me the right to judge them. It is not my battle to fight. My energy is for my work and not to be looking for who is sleeping around. What you even talk about is in all industry whether it is banking or journalism, people will do what they want to do. So not all actresses are promiscuous


Since you have confirmed that you are not that kind of girl, there must be someone keeping you grounded, tell us about your boyfriend

I have a happy private life and I don’t want to share about it. I am a very happy lady.


You recently changed your name from Bhaira to Bayray, why is that?

There was a lot of misconstrued notioned on why my name Eberechukwu was stylised to Bhaira, but people are entitled to their notions. Bayray is another stylised version on my name. Twisting my original name is nothing new, stars all over the world do it. With Bhaira people thought I was from Cameroun. I am from Imo state, Nwizu is by surname, but McWizu is a stylised form of that. If you call be Bayray I will answer you, if you call me Ebere, I will answer you. If you write, my name as Bhaira, I will still answer you.