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No Lie Is Impossible

converastion of an angryman
Posted: Sep 19, 2016 at 5:38 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

There is a decent man in the Presidency. It is Mallam Garba Shehu. Shehu is media strategist of repute and the man who drove the Atiku Abubakar end of the public spat with Olusegun Obasanjo, when Abubakar was the Vice President and Obasanjo the President. He gave the Obasanjo camp a run for their money and they began to hound him. He is a gentleman who picks issues to comment on with care and has so far acquitted himself with great comportment, decorum and decency.  In the midst of a madding crowd of scarecrows who prowl the country’s political landscape howling Lai’s (sorry, I mean lies), profanities and vitriol, Shehu has stayed above the madding crowd – a moral giant in the midst of dwarfs.
He provided another evidence of his good nature when he came out to admit that there were identical passages in Barrack Obama’s speech and that of Mohammadu Buhari. He admitted that plagiarism actually took place and the President plagiarised Obama. He laid the blame on the man who scripted the speech that day and said the man had owned up to the faux pax. Shehu is a great beacon light of hope. Hope that the “Lai’s” would not always have their way. Hope that truth, which we thought was dead in Abuja, was slowly reviving in the intensive care of the nation’s conscience. An admission that though truth is still on life support, it’s pulse was still faintly kicking. Great news. Why? Because where there is life, there is hope.

Well so far we have not heard of Obama in this entire matter. Perhaps the man is used to being plagiarised or he simply does not think it worth his time to protect his intellectual property. He should be soft on Buhari because he supported the man in the election. All the same I figure that Shehu should have extended his apologies to Obama. He should also let Nigerians know that plagiarism is intellectual corruption, so that students would not treat the matter as lightly as Shehu did in his admission. He simply brought up the issue and told Nigerians to tune off and keep their mind on change. His rendition was simply a fine script with a poor, immoral conclusion.

While at it, he should also apologise to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. Yes Obasanjo! Knowing Olusegun Obasanjo as much as I do, he would be mighty displeased that instead of plagiarising him (Obasanjo), they dared to plagiarise someone outside Nigeria. In this way they may have tried to make it look like Obama is greater than Obasanjo and such thoughts could lead Obasanjo to write an open letter. He had already told us that he and four other super Nigerians (more Nigerian than you and I) made Buhari President. He sees himself as the lord of the manor in Nigeria and he who all must obey and all Presidents must prostrate for or risk a bad-tempered open letter. The plagiarised lines were on patriotism. From when he was a military head of state to when he became President at the behest of vested interest (to his failed bid for third term), Obasanjo has spoken volumes on patriotism. So none of what the chief said was worth plagiarising or referencing in Buhari’s address? Do not mention it to the animals in Otta Farm. Do not tell anyone that what he said were in poor language.

Of course Lai Mohammed would have handled the matter quite differently. As a firm believer in masquerades (and the man who wants to introduce masquerade technology and science to our socio-economic landscape), he does not believe in giving out the truth just like that. He would always mask the truth in such a way that you can no more recognise it. That is how he learnt this entire matter of dressing masquerades. He must be mad that Shehu unmasked the masquerade and let the black cat out of the bag.

Between Lai and Shehu is a stature gap. Shehu is a wise man, Lai is a smart man. The smart man knows what to say. The wise man knows when to say it. Lai is not fully aware that the campaigns are over. He is still using the same rhetoric and same propagandistic language. Left to him, he would have maintained that Obama plagiarised Buhari and should apologise to Buhari. With Lai, no lie is impossible.

By Michael John