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Nigeria’s Agric Sector Has Huge Potentials – Rixton

Posted: Mar 25, 2016 at 4:27 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Jamir Rixton, General Manager of Lagos-based Pan African Equipment Company has said that the agriculture sector in the country has huge potential that if tapped into would contribute meaningfully to the country’s economic development. He stated this in his office during a meeting with members of the National Association of Agricultural Journalists (NAAJ) , stressing that the Pan African Equipment, an integrated equipment supply firm with presence in different parts of Africa has invested about nine million dollars in the country, trying to put up the right infrastructure for its operations.

He said as against the situation between 1988 and 1992 when between 2500 and 3000 tractors per year entered the country, that the figure had dropped to about 250 to 300 currently. He further stated the huge potential in the country’s agriculture is a driving force of his company’s activities in the country. Speaking on the operations of the company, he said beyond equipment supply, its operations also cover the entire agric and associated value chain to clearance, protein production, storage and handling, processing of agriculture products and logistics. He said the company does not just sell equipment, but also provides the right technical support through right counsel and after sales service and training.

To get best value, according to him, farmers and agriculturists need to deploy the best equipment and also observe a regular and professional service culture. “As a company we have done a lot to keep ourselves going, taken a lot of sacrifices but we are not relenting. I see a brighter future; I see big commercial projects emerging and we would do a better job of it.”

He said notwithstanding the current challenges, that his company sees a bright future for Nigeria and that has informed its engaging interest and investment in the country. He advised equipment users to take good care of their equipment as a way of prolonging their lives and in view of high cost of procuring one. However, he said for Nigeria to produce the kind of food needed to feed the country’s teeming population, mechanized farming should be embraced. He therefore advised that Nigerian banks should be made to play a more active role in the Nigerian agriculture sector by providing needed funding since individuals may not be able to muster the resources needed for mechanized agriculture.