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Nigerians Are Paying For Mistakes Of Conspiring Against Jonathan – Apostle Harry

Apostle Harry
Posted: Sep 10, 2016 at 7:04 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Apostle Richard John Harry, Superintendent of Mount Zion Light House Full Gospel Mission Incorporated, Iju Diocese, spoke exclusively with Chinyere  Abiaziem on some doctrines that seem controversial and why he thinks Nigerians made a mistake in conspiring against  former president, Goodluck Jonathan.

You hold a programme annually in August, tagged ‘4 Super Sundays’, how did you come about it and how successful has the programme been so far?
When I was posted here in Iju, four years ago, I asked God to show me what to do to move His church forward, then He gave me the vision of holding four super Sundays in August.  Primarily, the programme is to win souls for Christ and liberate lives. The programme last month was awesome, the Lord took control. We saw people’s lives transformed. We saw healing, deliverance and grace. It was like heaven on earth.  I appreciate the president of this ministry, His Lordship Bishop Paul Akpan, the vice president His Lordship Bishop Nyong Ayakidue and other council members so far for their support.

What are the doctrines Mount Zion Light House Full Gospel Mission Incorporated believes in?
By God’s grace, this church with its head quarters in Calabar and 70 years old, believes in doing good for humanity. The ministry was established solely to win souls and to pray for those who are in captivity, which is why we have our logo to be victory and our motto as bright and morning star. We shine in darkness and darkness cannot comprehend us.

Some individuals and churches believe payment of tithe is unnecessary and unbiblical, how true or untrue is this?
Payment of tithe of course is one of the cardinal doctrines of the church as established in Malachi 3 verse 10.  It is fundamental for Christians to pay ten percent of their total earnings. I do not know anywhere in the Bible where tithe is condemned. So I do not know where churches or Christians who are against tithe payment got their backing from. Sometimes I get confused where some churches get their doctrines from and I do not know the Bible they are reading.Tithe is used to pay workers in God’s vineyard and used to touch the lives of the needy. I do not know how churches who do not pay tithe get  funds to take care of some needs in the church.  Some may say we are not taking the tithes to God but using it in His house, is like giving it back to Him.  Teaching against tithe payment is a strange doctrine. It is even wrong to pay your tithe to your pastor.   To go further in tithe payment, to my understanding tithe is not meant to be static, as God increases a person, he or she can move higher from ten percent to more. The problem with some churches is that they do not faithfully use the tithes paid. This is what should be of more concern to us and not we arguing about tithe payment, for it is a command that God has given to us. Those who are obedient to this, God would also be obedient to them and those who choose to do the otherwise God would also be the judge. But a true Christian should not deviate from the gospel. God is a jealous God, you are not giving to church but to God.  While God plays His part we should also play our part.

More pastors are being nabbed for sleeping with their church members, faking miracles, stealing cars etc, how do you feel about these in relation to the image of Christian clerics?
It is a problem which is troubling me as well as other true believers.  All these are not what God taught us to do. In the ministry of Christ which was handed to the disciples, this is not part of what was taught.  Even as it baffles me, I believe it is satan that is in operation. Some herbalists have converted their shrines to churches. If one does not take care you will think you are in church but unknowingly to you, you are in the shrine. So they pose as if they are in Christ but use that to deceive people.  I know at the end God shall judge.  Not only that, some satanic pastors because of the power behind their ministries are instructed to carry out these evil acts.   2nd Corinthians 11 verse 14 says:  don’t be marveled for satan himself is transformed into the agent of light, so it is no great (big) deal if his ministers also be transformed to ministers of righteousness whose end shall be according to their work.

A Catholic priest was reported sometime ago to have been involved in a fire disaster while in the girlfriend’s house, while another was discovered to be secretly married with two wives. Do these in anyway suggest a review of the doctrine of celibacy?
I would have been a catholic priest if not for my parents’ refusal.  I grew up in the barracks in Maiduguri, where I was a mass servant. My parents saw not bearing off springs as a taboo. It is just shocking that most of these things are happening even in the nose of members and we do not talk about them, because we are taught not to say any word against the priest. We have those who are genuinely called but along the line fell to the snare of the satan. Only Christ could withstand the tempter and He expects us to do the same.  The problem with the priest is that most of them are pushed by their parents into priesthood for the sake of ego.  But we still have the genuine ones that God has called and have genuinely waged war against their flesh. I cannot speak for the rest who have allowed their flesh to rule them. I pray that God will strengthen them to do good works.  The same question was asked in the Bible where Jesus said some are born to give their bodies to the service of Christ, while some voluntarily make themselves so. In my own opinion, I think priests who are found unworthy should be sent away.

What do you think of the agitation by some Muslims to have Friday as a work free day?
It has been like this from the origin that Friday is the Muslims day of worship and Sunday as the Christians day of worship.  Making this agitation to me does not hold water.  For the umpteenth time Nigeria is a secular, multi religious and multilingual nation. So Nigeria is not Libya, Saudi Arabia or any other Islamic country where it is said that Friday is a work free day.

Last Saturday, United Nations in its report noted Nigeria as one of the poorest, unequal nation with plurality of ethnic, religious and regional identities. What is your thought on this?
It is now officially known that we are in recession, initially our government was hiding it. I went shopping recently and I was querying the Lebanese man in the store on the hike in prices of goods coupled with the fluctuation of dollars, then he said it is left for Nigerians to answer. To me the biggest mistake we did was to allow the former man to go. I am not a politician but a cleric. And no one has ever given me one kobo to vote for him. I feel God wanted us to see that He who does not know the usefulness of a cow tail will know its usefulness when the tail is caught off.  During the time of Ebele Jonathan, Nigeria was noted to be the fastest growing economy to take over Africa. Now the story is different. These days I look at my members and shed tears because many of them have lost their jobs and cannot afford to eat. Every Sunday we give out money and welfare packages. A bag of good quality rice is over N20,000 and how much is the salary of these people, and you tell me things are working? There was a lot of propaganda against Goodluck.  It is like a man working in a company and doing a good job, they will bring all kinds of lies against him just to remove him because he is doing a good job. Jonathan was doing a good job while he was in power; I am not saying he was perfect; no one is perfect besides we still have corruption going on.  In this period of recession we just have to endure and ask God to help us. We cannot reverse the mistake or bring him back.