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Nigerian Top Christian Leaders Hate One Another – Prophet Prophet Omoto Fufeyin

Prophet Fufeyin
Posted: Sep 4, 2016 at 5:38 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin of Christ Mercy Land Deliverance Ministry, in this interview with Chinyere Abiaziem, chronicles his ministerial beginning; how God orchestrated his disengagement from Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries (MFM), after he was accused of being diabolic and the disunity among top Christian leaders.

How did your ministerial journey start?
By the special grace of God, it was God who called me. I didn’t know I was called for the job but something happened. I was a business man managing my business at Burutu, a local government in Delta State. The business was going down for no reason. I wanted the business to meet up. I was finding one way or the other to meet up. Then, one of my brothers who was contesting for Burutu Local Government chairmanship election, invited me and when I got to Warri he asked me to paste his posters in about three wards, Burutu, Ogla, Obotebe. He paid N70,000 for poster pasting for each ward at that time. After pasting his posters, people called to tell him that they have seen his posters. He now said, of all the people I have given money none of them refused except his brother. He gathered the family and some politicians and told them that I am the only person that didn’t collect money from him. He called me and said, ‘Jeremiah, (I wasn’t Jeremiah then but Omoto Fufeyin, it was my brother that named me Jeremiah) why did you not collect money and is there anything special about you?’ So, my brother said that if this boy did not collect money and worked free for me, I want him to stay with me because there will be benefit. He invited me from Burutu and my store was virtually empty. I owed debt everywhere. I almost committed suicide if not God who came to my rescue. After treatment, my brother took me to the prayer warrior session, Enioro junction, Warri. I became an intercessor and I was going to prayer city (Ogun State) every two weeks. I was fasting and praying until the Lord told me that He was going to use me -‘get ready for that,’ he said. This is not to say God was not using me before the incident. When I was younger, I was prophesying to my mother about everything happening in the village. Two to three days, the prophecy must come to pass. My mother would blindfold, tie and beat me up calling me a wizard. I was 10 at that time. But because of the beating, I was afraid to tell her anything. So when I was taken to join the prayer warriors, things started happening. The prayer warriors will pray for people, the blind will see and things started happening. Because of those things MFM here now said I was using diabolical powers. They queried why the blind were seeing, cripples walking, etc. MFM people gathered and drove me out. My boss and all other people said if this young man leaves we will join him. From there they followed me. Now, politics in the church today is higher than politics in Nigeria and other places. The politics of the PDP and APC is just a joke compared to what is happening in the church. I didn’t say the people that drove me did something wrong. It is the will of God and that supersedes the will of man. I thank God for our movement.  For no reason the MFM people here convinced my boss that was supporting me to persuade me to come back to church. But the Lord said, ‘you are not going anywhere. If you are alone, be alone, I the Lord will take you forward and you will see my handwork.’ Where I am today, Mercy City is a story that shocks people.

Some persons refer to you as Pastor TB Joshua’s first son while in a recent interview, you did say Dr. Olukoya is your mentor. So who exactly is your spiritual father?
Spiritual fathers are those you choose to be your spiritual father. A spiritual father is not who you force to be a spiritual father. How do you choose your spiritual father? Maybe you encounter the man always in your dream that what he is doing for you is okay. Number two, you have a problem that cannot be solved by any other person on earth, you take it to a spiritual father, he solves it, and you can choose him as your spiritual father. Many people do not know the meaning of spiritual father. A spiritual father is a person you love and you begin to follow up.
When I started, some people called me Warri T.B Joshua, Niger Delta T.B Joshua, Delta T.B Joshua, Ijaw T.B Joshua.  The anointing started from MFM but the man Olukoya, I never met him one on one. But when the story started the people from MFM fasted and prayed. From there they got to know the truth. Olukoya never touched my head or held my hands and say, ‘Go, do like this.’ He doesn’t know me one on one. Only that with what is happening here, he might know me. He must have heard the story. Now the man called T.B Joshua, I love him and what he is doing even as I love all the great men of God and anyone who calls on God. During my fast, all the great men of God appeared to me. Dr. Olukoya appeared and taught me things of God. Papa Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Chris, Kumuyi, all of them and they taught me things but by the time of T.B Joshua, he appeared physically and taught me things. 10 times, he appeared to me. When I returned from the mountain, I began to love the man. T.B Joshua himself called me and we spoke. He said people have mailed him all over the world asking him to bring that his son in Warri to Lagos, that they want to see him. He then asked me why I love him and I told him what I’m telling you. When the building collapsed in Lagos, I paid a visit.
We have people who have direct calling, some others through somebody. Moses was called directly, Elijah directly, Samuel was with Eli but he was called directly, God mentioned his name.  David was called indirectly, he was called through Samuel.  After God struck Paul with blindness, he was instructed to go to Ananias to lay hands on him. No man has touched my head and say go and establish. I love T.B Joshua and took him as my spiritual father; so also Olukoya. You can chose two spiritual fathers. It is your heart. People have seen the way I conduct deliverance and other things and concluded that’s why.

You are so humble despite your achievements, unlike some others?
What makes me to be more humble today is that the Bible says that Jesus Christ was among all His disciples, they didn’t know who He was and they were all together eating, dressed alike, doing everything in common. They didn’t know until He was betrayed. He said when I kiss him that is when you will know Him. The Bible says God will exalt those who humble themselves. That is a covenant. That is why I practice the word of God as our master Jesus urged us to follow his footsteps. At times when I travel, people will rush and most time mistakenly go to my boys who are always decked in suits expecting miracles from them. Sometimes, I drive and they will sit as car owner, as a result, I move freely.  Sometimes I carry their bags. And when my boys touch them, they fall because they also have anointing. I always behave like what my father asks us to do.

In a space of two months, a Christian woman was killed in Kano for blasphemy; another in Kubwa for preaching, what are your thoughts on these? Do you think Nigeria can be Islamised in anyway?
When you experience things like these, then the devil is at work. It is only prayer that can solve the situation. Anytime there is trouble, we have to pray. I don’t have time for the rumour about Islamising the country but what I need and know is that God can change any situation we want Him to change. The problem we are facing right now is that in the whole world today God blessed Nigeria with men of God who can speak once and God will answer but this people hate themselves, especially our senior ones. I don’t know why they hate one another. We are supposed to learn from them. Our master said we should practice love and they are preaching love but they are not practicing it. That is the problem we are facing if not will Boko Haram and the rest be making noise? Let all the great men of God gather in Abuja and cry to God and I assure you only one day the entire noise will be silenced. But they are only interested in themselves. They are interested in benefits.  We lack love. I am talking of great ministers. You don’t need anybody to tell you that. You understand what I’m talking about. We suspect each other. We accuse ourselves of using evil powers. If you know a person is using another power other than God’s own, why don’t you deliver that person? It is only prayer that will solve the crisis. The bible says in Psalm 50:15, ‘call upon me in the days of trouble and I will answer you.’