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Nigerian Preachers Should Also Be Involved In Growing The Economy- Prophet Ayorinde

Posted: Jul 17, 2016 at 1:04 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Chinyere Abiaziem
Prophet Samson Ayorinde, the General Overseer of The World Evangelism Bible Church (WEBIC), is one who believes faith leaders should not limit themselves to the pulpit but take the lead in providing sustainable solutions to the myriad of challenges facing the nation’s economy.
The first Nigerian Nuclear Architect, whose whereabout many have been inquisitive to know, shared with Independent Sunday that he had been busy outside the country with his ministerial calling amidst other projects which includes his intention to grow the economy by bringing in foreign investors to help in the areas of marine, energy, housing and agriculture.
When asked if he is relocating from the pulpit to the business world, the General Overseer argued that the times when men of God sit and not participate in business is over. He believes that having credible men of God take charge of things, makes things easy, as wealth needs to be created for the creation of jobs that will take the youths away from engaging in vices.
“We have been praying for this country to develop but there is a need now for men and women of caliber and integrity to take up the development mantle not just on the podium. For some time, I have been working on some projects and we have some business men from America and China who are ready to invest about 50 billion dollars in the government of Nigeria to bring about development,” the preacher said.

On construction of ships
The preacher also says that Nigeria spends hundreds of millions of Dollars to charter ships every month in getting out crude oil but with his intention of bringing NAVANTIA, a Spanish firm into building ships will help construct indigenous ships here in Nigeria.
“God has helped Nigeria in the area of assembling cars but we have never had ships. Navantia, a Spanish firm is ready to help Nigeria in manufacturing indigenous ships. They are the first to invent ships, submarines, and helicopters. They see me as an envoy to the government and they are interested in me bringing them to set up in Nigeria to build Nigerian ships. We will link them up with NIMASA so that they can come up with designs and construction of indigenous ships for Africa.
“And what will come up with it is deep sea port. There is no deep sea port in the whole of sub Saharan Africa, the nearest place you can see any deep sea port is in South Africa. That means that there is no place where you can service ships and where you can get some very heavy equipments. So we are looking at Badagry water, another one close to us is Cotonou.
“One quarter of Africa is Nigeria about 170 million people; whatever we do to that will develop Nigeria is going to spread all over Africa. These companies I have met with the investors and the funders are ready to provide fund. We need to create a forum with the government whereby we will need to bring in different people to invest.

Providing Housing Units
In the area of housing, Ayorinde has it that a company he chairs had signed an agreement with the federal government to provide about 50,000 housing units. He also said he has an arrangement with some royals from the United Arab Emirates to convert some buildings into sky scrapers.

Solving the problem of power outage

He identified power loss during transmission as a major challenge that he intends resolving as well. He said there is usually over 50 percent loss of power during transmission but with technology, power can be transmitted over 7000 kilometers with only one percent loss and which will carry data, fibre, optics, internet and telephone data so we don’t need to be digging the ground putting cables.

Unlike where planting is done horizontally, here you plant vertically; you see yam and tomatoes growing in the air. In such a portion as this you can have about 20 layers growing tomatoes.  It has special aeration system. You can put the light in your room; every family can become a producer of food. This technology is being perfected in Ibadan by one of my sons who had a first class; he is presently waiting for some funders from Europe so that it can be in virtually all the 36 states, the General Overseer said.

Reality of project
The cleric who expressed optimism on the reality of the projects said NGOs and credible servants of God are being sourced for by foreign investors. “This is why the government needs to create the enabling environment for investors to come into the country,” he added.