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Nigerian Men’s Love For Voluptuous Curvy Women

Posted: Jul 11, 2015 at 12:51 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Hazeez Balogun, Lagos


A lady once sent this message to a newspaper relationship columnist. “I was once slim and fit between a UK size 8-10, and I could count the amount of men that were interested in me with a few fingers. However, since I put on some weight a couple of months ago to size 12-14, a lot of men have been interested in me. In fact, I have a hard time warding them off as I now have a steady relationship. Does this mean that African men prefer bigger women? I really want to lose weight but I am enjoying all the attention.”

Eniola Badmus

Eniola Badmus

A lot of women can relate to this woman’s dilemma because it has been proven to be true in many cases. Many Nigerian men like some extra flesh on their women and they are not ashamed to say it. It is common for you to hear statements like, “she has all the extras in the right places,” or “she has killer curves.”

Perhaps Sound Sultan’s song, ‘Orobo’ does more justice to big women. The lyrics goes thus: She be like Molue, see backyard everywhere. You African lady, omo your backside na evidence. Dem dey call her heavy duty, Me I dey call her every evening, make she report for ma bunk, every night for our evening duty. There are countless songs by Nigerian musicians praising the full figured woman.

In Nigeria and many parts of Africa, many men prefer big and fat women for many reasons. In some societies, being fat denotes wealth, good health, and prosperity and will greatly enhance a girl’s prospects of getting a husband. Fatness shows a well and hearty body, full of life and vigour. When being thin can easily pass for suffering from starvation, full figure shows riches and real worth.

Some men also detest small breast. Not just for sexual pleasure, but for the sake of their children. To them, if a woman has small breasts, it is a disaster. She is believed to be incapable of proper breastfeeding. This however is very untrue and wrong, the size of the breast has nothing to do with breast feeding. But it is easy to understand their justification; the smaller the vessel, the smaller the content. It is wrong, but that is how the human mind thinks.

A research also gives credence to the love for the voluptuous woman. It is concluded that big frame and big bottom indicate a big pelvis and therefore, easy childbirth and easy deliveries. This also is a trick of the mind triggered by instinct, it has nothing to do with reality.

Nigerian men’s love for the big woman can also be traced to history. In our past, many tribes in Nigeria have ‘Fattening Rooms’ while some, ‘Fattening Period,’ in order to prepare young girls for marriage. In these fattening rooms, they will be requested to take larger portions of food, anything they desire is brought to them, all in order to get them big enough for marriage. The fattest of them usually is the most desirable, and might get a husband faster than the rest.

Speaking with different men, many of whom live in the city, top on the list for their preference for fat women is the size of the breast. Big breasts are actually one of the great endowments curvy women have over skinny ones. Many men overlook the size of every other part as long as the breast is bigger.

The second other reason is the softness of these women. Skinny women have a harder body while curvy women are the exact opposite with softer bodies. Men naturally enjoy being the hard ones while a tender and soft body snuggles up to them.
Many men also listed, ‘looks’ as the reason for liking big women. According to them, fat women look better and younger than their skinny counterparts. This is largely because excess skin covers up most of the facial bones and in turn makes their face smoother and sometimes childlike. They rarely have wrinkles. Also, the general body shape looks sexier as the boobs and buttocks protrude.

‘Better sex’ is also on top of the list. Many men believe that sex is better with a big woman. Asides from the allure of the ‘front and back’, fat women they say, are like shock absorbers and can withstand any level of rough play. Skinny ladies they say look frail and might ‘break’ in the process of rough sex.

Big women are also perceived as motherly and more matured. Men always look out for women that are more like their own mothers. Big women are easily attractive in this sense. The curves on a female are viewed with a more mature and motherly look unlike the non existing ones on the skinny ones. Some other guys view skinny girls as immature and think of dating them more as dating a fellow guy.

Surprisingly, some men also listed, ‘love for food’ as their reason for loving fat ladies. According to them, men love food and they like women who do not shy away from food. One man said: “I don’t like girls that form. When I take a big girl out, she gets down with the food the way I get down. If I order extra, she will order more as well. Slim girls will be acting like they don’t eat in their house.”

Fat girls are also desirable amongst men who visit the red light district. If you are passing by Allen Avenue junction in Lagos at night, you will notice that fat ladies are also in the mix. According to a lady who spoke with us, the fat ones get more patronage than slimmer ones.  The source also says that fat hookers are usually the high class ones. “They are the ones you see going to Abuja every weekend,” she said.

Despite all these, there are some men who say they will never go out with any woman who is not slim. One man even says he hates fat ladies. He says: “It is guys who give these fat girls walking around like a refrigerator the incentive not to live a healthy lifestyle because they know there are some guys out there ready to accept them. They should be wary of the health implications. I can’t for the life of me see anything sexy about fat girls.”

Truly, there are many health issues concerning fat and obesity, some women and even men who date them seem to see past these implications. Some women even go as far as using drugs to gain some weight. Some use anti-histamines and steroids like Pericatin and Dexamethasone. These drugs open the appetite and therefore the people will eat more food and put on more weight.

No matter what the doctor says, or the taboo the Western world link to being fat, many Nigeria men will prefer their women curvy any day. While our women, just dey roll their waist like Korodome, like Sound Sultan song goes.