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Nigerian Football Calls For Concern – Amiesimaka

Posted: Feb 28, 2016 at 10:04 am   /   by   /   comments (1)

Former Super Eagles winger, Adokie Amiesimaka, has expressed worries over the structure of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) following the resignation of Sunday Oliseh on Friday.
Oliseh announced his resignation after eight months in charge on his twitter handle citing contract violations, unpaid wages and benefits to players and assistant coaches.
Amiesimaka in his reaction said that the country’s football calls for transposition, on the premise that Oliseh’s exit was a pointer that there was something fundamentally wrong with Nigerian football.
“It’s no big deal. If you are not satisfied with your job for any reason and you think the wise course of action, you are at liberty to do so. In many instances, it is an honourable thing to do,” Amiesimaka told Goal.
“But this calls for concern about our football. The problem is that we do the same thing over and over the same way and we expect different result.
“The NFF has always had perpetual problems with their coaches. There must be something fundamentally wrong.
“Why is it that they find faults in every coaches they employ on the faces of newspapers and it’s either he is resigning or being fired? There must be something wrong with this football governing body.
“The media have also failed to ask why the NFF are not properly incorporated. That means they can carry on the way they like and nothing to hold them accountable. Meanwhile they are receiving public funds by the way of subvention and Nigerians are not questioning them.”
He continued: “These people like Amaju Pinnick and Christopher Green are my friends and we talk but the system is very wrong. They should be properly incorporated so as to know the extent to which they can do certain things.
“The way Father Tiko, Otto Gloria and Clemence Westerhof left Nigeria was not pleasant and that shows there is something wrong with the way we do things in this part of the world. There is not a coach they [NFF] have found pleasure with.”
He also lamented the NFF’s powerlessness in paying their employees’ wages despite setting high targets for them.
“Going beyond this too, why is it that we are not paying our coaches and other workers? That has been the same old story,” he continued.
“Nonpayment of salaries, wages and bonuses, why? I have never heard that any member of the board of the NFF has never collected his allowances or estacodes but we keep hearing that they the players and the coaches are not paid.
“Meanwhile, we expect these players to win matches. When you are given a responsibility and you are not backed up with moral or financial supports – while people expect you to get results and win the World Cup.
“This is really a terrible situation and it will continue to be like this even in the next twenty years if we don’t get our acts together after all, that has been the case in the 70’s and the 80’s,” he concluded.