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NGO Begins Free Testing Of Haemophilia Carriers In Kaduna

Posted: Jul 30, 2015 at 12:32 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Haemophilia Foundation of Nigeria, an NGO, on Wednesday said it had procured equipments for free testing of persons with bleeding disorder in Kaduna.

Haemophilia is a bleeding disorder that slows the blood clotting process.

Director of the foundation, Mr Megan Adediran told newsmen in Kaduna that the foundation had embarked on a programme to identify more patients living with the disease to offer them appropriate treatment.

“We have an estimate of 10,640 persons living with Haemophilia in the country, while some are yet to be identified.

“In every 10,000 persons we have one person living with bleeding disorder and we want to identify others so we can give them proper care.

She said the organisation will offer free testing to all residence that are willing to undergo the process, especially women.

“Symptoms of bleeding disorder do not only affect men but some women who carry the gene XX live with symptoms for years without being diagnosed.

“Women are called carriers as the carry and pass on the Haemophilia gene,” she said.

She added that 98 per cent of persons living with haemophilia in the country are undiagnosed and are without adequate care.

Adediran said some of the carriers of the disease lack access to healthcare resources, while many others lack knowledge about bleeding disorder.

“We decided to give free testing to people because Haemophilia can be managed in patients who cannot afford the treatment.

“Haemophilia testing cost N50,000 per person and some family have two to three patients which they cannot afford the payment.”

She said 90 per cent of persons living with the disease had at least one damaged joint before adulthood.

Adediran said that the programme would be extended to different parts of the state.