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NFF Crisis: I Don’t Care If FIFA Bans Nigeria – Onigbinde

Posted: Apr 12, 2016 at 3:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Chibuike Chukwu LAGOS
Following the sealing of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) by the
police Coach, Adegboye Onigbinde, has said FIFA ban might be a
blessing in disguise if at all it comes.
This is even as ex-international, Mutiu Adepoju, while responding to
questions on the implication of sealing NFF’s office, said the
development was a bad omen to the country.
“It is a bad omen sincerely; it is not good at all because I can’t
imagine sealing the secretariat when we have many football
competitions and qualifiers before us.
“This will deal severely on our football and I think it is a bad
signal that should be halted immediately,” he said.
Onigbinde on Monday rued the crisis that has once again engulfed
Nigerian football, saying the country has never gotten it right with
its football. He however, said FIFA ban might be out of it.
“I don’t care if we are banned by FIFA. If we are banned over the
crisis and we use the one or two years to reposition and sanitise our
football, then it worth it.
“My interest is on how we can grow the game in the country and not
whether FIFA bans us or not. If it takes the ban for us to get it
right, I think I strongly support it,” he said.
The former FIFA and CAF instructor also blamed the current state of
Nigerian football on the inability of those at the head at the
football house to come up with concrete ideas for the game.
“The bulk stops at their desk and they have not really demonstrated
what it takes to take the game beyond the level it is now.
“Let me ask you; you are talking of FIFA ban because they seal the NFF
office, is our football in the right shape at the moment? Why do we
always talking of FIFA ban every time instead of looking for ways to
resolve our differences.
“FIFA is not interested in this ban issue, but it delights in the
growth and development of the game in every country,” he said.
Dosu Joseph, former Super Eagles goalkeeper, said in the midst of the
brouhaha that it wa only football that would suffer.
“Sincerely this is a bad development, but in all these, it is football
that will suffer because that is the game that has united every
Nigerian irrespective of states.”
On the prospect of a possible FIFA ban on the country if the issue is
not resolved on time, Dosu said: “I bet you FIFA will never ban
“We have had crises before and FIFA never banned us. I know we can
never allow this to reach to that extent.
“This is internal problem and we will still manage it accordingly, so
FIFA ban, to me, is out of it,” he said.
Meanwhile, a call to Felix Anyansi Agwu, a member of the current NFF
board, produced little as he said he was not aware of the sealing of
the office.