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Ndokwa Youths Vow To Shut Down Agip Oil Installations Over Electricity

Posted: Sep 28, 2015 at 3:21 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Felix Igbekoyi
Correspondent, Asaba
Youths numbering over 300 have handed down 21 days ultimatum to Agip Oil Company  if it fails to step down its Independent Power Plant (IPP) and supply electricity to the three local governments that make up Ndokwa nation.
The angry youths made up of different unions who were drawn from Ndokwa ethnic nationality in Delta State said that they have borne the pains of living without electricity for years whereas communities which do not produce oil and gas are enjoying electricity.
They stated Sunday during an interaction with the member representing Ndokwa nation in the Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Ossai N. Ossai, in Umutu, Ukwuani Local Government Area of Delta State, insisting that the ultimatum begins from September 27, 2015.
Leaders of the different groups, who spoke in one voice, represented by Chukwuma O. Chukwuma, President of Pages Group International, PGI, said “Agip is oppressing us, it has been exploiting our oil for years without doing anything for our communities. I am now ready to take it up with Agip. I will make sure I mobilize the youths of Ndokwa nation to Agip and shut the company down.
 “Ever since then we have been waiting but nothing has happened. Ndokwa youths are now ready to do anything for Agip to step down its Independent Power Plant. We want electricity in Ndokwa nation. If nothing is done beside media action, the youths of Ndokwa nation are ready to shut down the oil installation of Agip”,
Corroborating, Hessington Okolo, former President of Ndokwa Youth Congress, said the Agip Independent Power Plant (IPP) was commissioned in 2005, by former President Olusegun Obasanjo where he made categorical statements that Agip should step down electricity in Ndokwa communities but lamented that after 10 years, nothing has since been done for the area and that they have written to the President and told him that Ndokwa people need light.
He said “they know what to do and they have refused to do it and that is why we are ready to take action on them. 10 years down the line we are still struggling to get light. It’s a deliberate act. We are saying this time around, we will not back down. We generate 480 megawatts of electricity and we don’t even have light in our communities. If you go round Ndokwa now, there are few communities that have light. Okpai, the place where they have the IPP, the place is bad.

Hon. Ossai, in his response said he shared in the pains and aspirations of his people, noting that not less than 10 oil companies are exploring oil in Ndokwa land and that the Agip IPP was commissioned by Olusegun Obasanjo in 2005 with a promise to step down electricity to the people of Ndokwa nation but lamented that since 2005 till date, the promise is yet to be fulfilled.