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NDLEA, FRSC Partner Against Drug Abuse By Drivers

Posted: Jun 26, 2015 at 7:40 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Igoniko Oduma, Yenagoa

Worried by the frequent ghastly motor accidents  occasioned by illicit drug use by drivers, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in Bayelsa State have jointly organised a campaign to educate drivers, motorists and others road users on the dangers of alcohol and narcotics abuse.

At the event on Friday at Sagbama, headquarters of Sagbama Local Government Area, the FRSC and NDLEA emphasised the need to check abuse of drugs by drivers and other road users.

They cautioned that research had proved that the use of alcohol and drugs while driving had led to the untimely death of many motorists and passengers.

The Bayelsa State  Commander of the NDLEA, Josephine Obi, told drivers and tricycle and motorcycle operators to stop indulging in alcohol and hard drugs for their interest and that of the other road users.

“We are here to partner with you on how to make our lives better. Every day, we wake up with the objective to have a good time and leaving a good legacy too, so that whenever you pass on, people will remember you for good. It is not the hope of anybody that when he leaves home he will not get back in the night.

“Accidents, over the years, have led to people’s dream being cut short. One of the causes of accidents is the use of alcohol and other drugs and driving while under the influence. Apart from accidents, there are also other negative effects of these drugs in the body and society”, she said.

Obi said cannabis sativa, cocaine and other psychotropic substances have many consequences, which cause addiction, making a person a slave to drugs and inability to control one’s plan as well as one not being able to leave a good legacy.

“Drugs make you to lose trust. There are also stimulants like cocaine that make you work long stretches without rest, putting the lives of others in danger. It affects the organs in the body. It can confuse sight too.

“Other types of drugs are sedatives, depressants and valium. After you have forced yourself to work long stretches, you have to force yourself to go to bed because your body system is now on edge.

“Before you sleep you must take tablets. Cannabis, locally called monkey tail, is mixed with illicit alcohol (ogogoro), which very recently killed some people in some states. This is because there is no control over the dosage. It is dangerous. It is good not to take the risk at all,” she said.

In his presentation, Sector Commander, FRSC, Vincent Jack, informed  drivers and other road users that “the road is very patient but does not forgive anyone that makes a mistake.”

“Drivers and riders should desist from the use of every type of drug because it causes early ageing that could have been avoided with eating good food. During the course of their daily activities, they come in contact with people and they ooze of alcohol, making their passengers uncomfortable.

“Some people are addicted to the smell of toilets, some others cannot function in the morning without alcohol. The message is that they can live a better life without these unnecessary drugs and substance abuse,” he said.