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My Detractors Are Jokers – Enugu APC Vice Chairman

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Posted: Jul 28, 2016 at 4:00 am   /   by   /   comments (1)

Recently, crisis erupted in the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Enugu State, following the purported suspension of the Vice Chairman of the party in Enugu East, Chief Anike Nwoga. In this interview with journalists, Nwoga said he remains the Vice Chairman of APC in Enugu East. He said the people who orchestrated the purported suspension were working for the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) in Enugu State. Our correspondent EMMANUEL NZOMIWU captured the highlights of the interview.

 Recently, it was reported in the media that you have been suspended as Vice Chairman of APC in Enugu East senatorial zone. What are the circumstances that led to it?

APC is a political party but in Enugu State, it is regarded as a private company owned by three Directors. The three Directors are Ben Nwoye, the State Chairman, Okey Ezea, the APC governorship candidate in the last election and Emma Eneukwu, the APC National Vice Chairman, South-East. These three men are working for PDP in Enugu State. Sometime in May 2016, I issued a press statement carried by three newspapers on 6th and 7th of May. On the 8th of May, the Zonal Secretary of APC in Enugu East sent a text message to me, inviting me to a meeting of the zone. I asked him what powers he had to summon a meeting and he told me that he had powers to summon a meeting. However, I told him that I would attend to know the reason why he was summoning the meeting. They summoned the meeting on the 8th and said I have been suspended for anti-party activities. The person who moved the motion was the zonal secretary and one other fellow seconded the motion. Immediately I heard that, I stood up and told them that they were jokers. On the 16th of May, our Governor, His Excellency Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi came to our zone to commission a project and said that Enugu was now one united political family. Up till now, nobody has challenged that statement.

So, like I told you earlier, they said I have been suspended. I told them that they were jokers. During that time, they brought this document. It was the Legal Adviser who brought this document, a newspaper publication on Dasukigate. Another one they brought was “Enugu APC in crisis.” The State Chairman, Ben Nwoye called a meeting of the State Working Committee (SWC) to discuss this issue. In that meeting, Ben Nwoye, the State Chairman of the party said I should go and apologise to Jim Nwobodo and any other person who was injured in the story. They mentioned Professor Barth Nnaji who is not even a member of our party and him, Ben Nwoye. I did not make any statement because I knew they were talking rubbish. You see what happened was that I went to Jigawa on party assignment and Ben Nwoye and others went to pay courtesy call on Nnaji. I said he is not a member of our party and if there is anybody that we should pay such a courtesy call, then it should be Sam Onyishi who rented our party secretariat. You see, Ben, Jim, Barth Nnaji and myself are all from Enugu East. They said what I said was an insult. You see, I am a Nigerian. I have freedom of Speech. I can criticize the National Chairman of our party.

 But Ben Nwoye said at a press conference that it was Enugu East senatorial zone that suspended you and that your suspension followed due process. How would you react to this claim?

 On the issue of my zone removing me, it is Ben who is behind it. He is protecting the interest of Jim Nwobodo. All the local government executives and state officers that signed that vote of no confidence against me, each of them allegedly got N20, 000 each to sign it.  The other time, members of APC went to Awgu for a rally, I called on our son, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, the Deputy Senate President to retract his letter to the international community. Two days later, Ben Nwoye called me and asked who told me to go to Awgu and criticize Ekweremadu; that party or no party, Ekweremadu is our son. I told him, Nwoye, that we are members of APC and Ekweremadu is in PDP. APC is supposed to be in the opposition in Enugu State. With all these actions of Ben Nwoye, you can see that he is working for PDP. Since Emma Eneukwu became the National Vice Chairman, he has never issued a statement against PDP in any of our states because he is in their payroll. Everybody knows that Emma is working for PDP. When the State Government wanted to set up caretaker committees for the local governments, the publicity secretary of our party, Mrs. Kate Offor made a statement and Ben warned her not to make further statements without recourse to him. Today, there are over 50 petitions in Abuja by party members against Ben and yet, nothing has happened. The petitioners have seen the National Chairman, National Secretary and Deputy Chairman, South and nothing has happened. What kind of party are we running where somebody will be sabotaging the party and they will still leave him on the seat. The party hierarchy is aware of all the offences of Ben.

 With the crisis situation in APC Enugu State, do you see the party making waves in future, especially in 2019?

 APC has the chances of winning in 2019, but with Ben Nwoye as Chairman, it is not possible. They said they will suspend me, that I don’t call meetings of the zone every three months. The State Working Committee should meet monthly, but since after the elections last year, Ben has called the meeting only once. In Enugu East, the local government chairmen of the party do not even call meetings. Another thing I want to address, one Hyacinth Ngwu described me as mole in APC. I was National Youth Leader of ANPP and member of NWC. I was Chairman of CPC in Enugu State. I am Vice Chairman of APC in Enugu East. I was coordinator of Buhari Support Organisation (BSO) in Enugu State. I think if I am not mistaken, I am the most experienced in APC Enugu State, apart from people who are coming in now. The rest are chaff they don’t know why they are party officers. They cannot defend the party. If you give them money, they will sell the party. Ben has killed the party in Enugu State. I will like the National Headquarters to come and see APC Headquarters in Enugu State. There is no signboard, not even a flag. The problem of APC in Enugu State is party leadership and the party entered boat of armed robbers.

 How does this whole scenario portray your party in the light of its change mantra?

 If the party is talking about change, which is our symbol, the party should do everything possible to remove Ben Nwoye. Otherwise, the party will not move forward. Ben suspended the Deputy Chairman of our party and at the same time, he suspended our woman leader, Lolo Queen Nwankwo. He is a dictator and Sole administrator. Then, there is nothing that Jim Nwobodo can do for APC in Enugu State because people no longer have confidence in him. He is no longer Jim of yesterday. When Nwobodo was Governor, I was the youth leader of NPP. Anybody protecting Nwobodo is wasting his time. Nwobodo can never hijack APC in Enugu State. Nwobodo is irrelevant in Enugu politics as things stand now.


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  • Jul 28, 2016 at 12:50 pm isimforreal

    You are a joker from the way you speak.  If your party has suspended you, and no other person has come to your aid, then you are just floating without foundation.  Change is the password for APC.  Try change and apologise to those elders.  Jim Nwobodo is an elder to you, when he was Governor you said your were Youth Leader, ehn!  then you owe him the apology.  Else, become a no-APC man. period.

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