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I So Much Appreciate Rawness

Posted: May 2, 2015 at 12:15 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

She is one of the three sisters currently serenading Nollywood; her name is Chioma Okolie. Her other two sisters, Lillian and Chidinma, are also making huge statements in Nollywood. In this chat with Sam Anokam, she talks about her career.

How did acting begin for you?

Chioma Okolie

Chioma Okolie

Well like some will say that they accompanied their friends to a movie location and from there fell in love with the motion picture industry. My case is not different from theirs because I also followed my younger sister Lillian to location. On getting there, the director looked at me and convinced me to join the industry. I did and as they say, the rest is history. I started in 2012.

How many movies have you done so far?

I have done over 30 movies. They include Twins But Not Brothers, Ofunwa the Only Child, Royal child, Dirty Princess, Four Boyz, Final Boyz, Oyoyo Airline, Airline Babe’s, Widows Lovers, My Mother’s Head, Hammer House of Horror, Student Cult , Sisterhood of Darkness, Xmas Mugu, Festac Babes, Bold 5 Babes, Image of Satan, See Gobe, Barren Woman, among others.

Which is the most challenging and why?

All of them are challenging in their different ways but I would pick Four Boyz. It was challenging in the sense that I played the role of the concubine of Chinwetalu Agu. You know he is a strong actor who doesn’t work with script. To act with that kind of person, you have to be up and doing. If you had memorized anything, it will just be by the way because you will just be very calculating and sensitive to his every move in order not to make any mistake.

What role can you not play?

It is incontestable that I cannot play any role that will require my going nude. I am from a strict Christian family and I know the implication of such venture.

What part of your body do you cherish the most?

Without any doubt, my eyes are very special. You should know the importance of the eyes to the body. Besides, people have repeatedly told me I have sexy eyes. I cherish my eye so much.  I have also been told severally that my smile is infectious and unique.

What do you like in a man?

I think I fall a little with someone who shows me his soul as you know that this world is guarded and fearful at the same time. I appreciate rawness so much. What I mean is when a man is not trying to be someone else but his real person. Fortunately, I am in a relationship.

Who is your role model?

My role model is Victoria Beckham. There are not so many of them. Victoria is a very strong woman. She is a success in the fashion world, music industry and a committed family woman.

What else do you do aside acting?

I am a skin doctor and a beautician. It is not easy but I make out time to attend to skin related issues. My beauty products will soon hit d Nigeria market.

You seem to be a tattoo freak, why?          

I love tattoo. It’s just a beautiful kind of art. It’s lovely. I have like six strategically located in different parts of my body. Like the one on my lap, whenever I wear shorts or skimpy dress revealing my full laps, it looks nice on me. I have on my lap. If I wear shorts, it looks nice on me. I want to add one more. There is nothing to it, I just love tattoo.

How do you cope with men?

There is no big deal when men make overtures but I always tell them that I am in a relationship. I relate with them well.

Any plan to shoot your own movie?

I am working on it. The director who is to give the direction is currently working but all things being equal by next month he will be free and we will then commence shooting.