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Movie Review: Stolen Lives

Posted: Sep 12, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Hazeez Balogun


After all the hype that preceded the eventual release of the movie, there was still some skepticism about the eventual end product. Stolen Lives have been brandished in the media as the next best movie to break the bill boards. Some critics without even watching the movie said viewers will be queuing up at the cinemas to see the movie. Things like that has been said about many other movies and at the end viewers regretted ever shedding their N1,000 on a movie. But that is how the movie world works. The proper hype is needed to promote any movie – good or bad.

Also, my skepticism stems from the fact that Stolen Lives is produced by a green horn, Emmanuel Williams. Williams have worked in a few production before, but stolen lives is his first feature film which he produced all by himself. There was a press screening recently and I was blown away by what I saw. The event held at the Ozone Cinema in Lagos and it had a considerable amount of the cast in attendance.

Stolen lives was not Hollywood standard, but a good story played out beautifully. The film revolves around Amarachi (Owunmi Ugbeye) who is a brilliant young girl whose parents have high hopes on. When she could not make the cut off mark for her chosen course, she was forced to stay another year at home. It was in this hiatus that she began to go out more with her cousin Janette who got admission and is hanging out with campus party girls. Amarachi went for one party with them and was raped in the process.

She could not tell her parents and friends who did the deed and was eventually kicked out of the house. Her friends did not fare well either. Her cousin Janette ended up being HIV Positive. Jumoke fell in love with a cultist and Anita found solace in the arms of older men to make-up for little attention she gets from her father. One of them eventually shot herself, but who could it be? Who is the father of Amarachi’s child? And will Amarachi be received back by her parents. These are the questions stolen lives answers, or does it?

The movie, has in it stars like Alex Ekubo, IK Ogbonna, Ruth Kadiri, Omi Ugbeye, Beverly Naya, Jide Kosoko, Bulky Wright, Kunle Coker, Biola Williams among others. The crew did a good job. The lightings and sound were done well. The scripting was apt. The sequences followed in precise order and with hints of humour and suspense. Will Stolen Lives get all the awards next year? Probably not, but the nominations will surely pour in.