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MOSOP Denies Internal Crisis, Calls For Support

Posted: Jan 8, 2016 at 9:28 am   /   by   /   comments (0)
By Daniel Abia, P/Harcourt

Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has denied any form of leadership crises rocking the organization as had been reported in the media.
It said the 2015 MOSOP elections have been concluded at all levels – from the chapters, to the kingdoms, affiliates and the national offices and that Legborsi Pyagbara was duly re-elected  for a second term.
MOSOP in a statement by Fegalo Nsuke, publicty secretary of the body said it was shocked by some misguided and mischievous statements credited to one Legborsi Esaen claiming he chaired an electoral committee which saw the emergence of one “Chief Mike Nwidobie” as president of MOSOP.
“Legborsi Esaen and his collaborators acted in extreme naivety. First, they erred even in the spelling of the names of the two contestants. For record purposes, the contestants to the MOSOP presidency for the 2015 elections were Legborsi Saro-Pyagbara and Chief Mike Lube-Nwidobie and not Legborsi Pyagbara and Chief Mike Nwidobie as Esaen claimed in his statement. The misrepresentation of the two contestants clearly depicts the fraud in Essaen’s intent and actions. Indeed, Legborsi Esaen and his collaborators are very confused.

“Secondly, Legborsi Esaen, as many of his collaborators may not know, is currently serving a suspension in MOSOP for gross misconduct and under no circumstance will MOSOP appoint a suspended officer to chair its electoral committee”, the statement said.
According to the MOSOP statement, the video of the elections conducted on December 30, 2015 under the chairmanship of Prince Biira at the Peace and Freedom Center, Bori will be made available to the public subsequently. We challenge Esaen to produce, at least, a still photograph of him presiding over the MOSOP elections.
Indeed, the actions of Legborsi Esaen and Mike Lube-Nwidobie represents the unfortunate and very ugly side of of our story. He who comes to equity must come with clean hands.
“We understand that MOSOP is a social organization and cannot be devoid of such intrigues. However, we denounce the actions of Mike Lube-Nwidobie and Legborsi Esaen. Those who aspire to lead the Ogoni at the highest levels should not be symbols of a depreciated value system.
“We expect high standards of integrity from aspiring leaders especially within MOSOP and urge Chief Mike Lube-Nwidobie, Legborsi Esaen and their collaborators to retrace their steps and join in the progressive match towards a better Ogoni under the leadership of Mr. Saro-Pyagbara”.