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Sunday, Timely warning

Money Games In Churches

Posted: Oct 4, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Timely Warning

There is no where they preach riches and success more than in Churches today. When I got born again many years ago, we heard more of messages on righteousness and making it to heaven than money messages.

Many ministers of God have argued that we need a lot of money to spread the gospel, therefore, they must keep talking about and raising money constantly. The truth of the matter is those who are in this category are not really spreading the gospel because almost all the money raised from the members are spent for personal enrichment,school, and church projects, and not for evangelism and missionary works. Jesus Christ is more interested in souls and setting people free, and not in fine Churchès without anointing.If you want to know those who are obeying Jesus Christ, they are doing exactly what Jesus Christ commanded them to do. Jesus Christ never raised any money.

  He didn’t call his disciples to give one million each to spread the gospel. The first Church of Christ in the book of Arts which is the standard for all Churches, never raised money in this manner. They told one another their needs and the members contributed according to what they have.

  The leaders never raised money by telling people to stand and give a particular amount. Jesus Christ has warned us that our right hand must not know what our left hand is giving. He said your heavenly father who sees your giving in secret will reward you in secret. Show-off giving is not an investment in heaven.

  Go and read this warning in the book of Matthew. This is why some members feel bad because it is only the big guys pastors are blessing. These pastors will tell them that he is going to bless and anoint only those who come out to give a particular amount or categories of amount. So what will happen to those who don’t have hundred or fifty thousand to give? God will not bless them? What of those who are like the poor widow Jesus Christ told us about who are ready to give one hundred naira but, since the pastors love big money, they are neglected or never called out.

This is not Church, It is a place where only big people are recognized and celebrated.

The pastors of these Churches give them the impression that they are more recognized spiritually because of the money they are giving.

Meanwhile, the poor member who is ready to give one hundred naira has more reward in heaven because he or she has given more than the show off big guys in Churches. According to Mark 12: 44, she gave all she had while the big boys in Church only gave one percent of their savings.

This is one of the greatest deception in Churches today. The truth is that these pastors make more money from those who give more. The Bible says you shall know the truth, and the truth shall me you free. If they don’t call members out to stand and give, these pastors know they won’t reach their target on time.

And many of them come out to show off, and at the end of the day, many of them can’t redeem their financial commitment.