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Money and Evil

Posted: Jun 28, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Timely Warning

Timely Warning 

It is amazing what men can do to attract money. In fact, it is mind boggling how they are betraying one another to get money. Let me share a true life story with you. An older brother invited his younger brother to join him in his successful business so as to engage his idle hands and enable him get some money to survive. I know both of them, and till today, I still relate with both of them.

Over the years, the younger brother discovered the secret of his brother’s success in business and started strategizing how to outsmart him and make money. He later succeeded in stealing his brother’s clients and ran away to start his own business. With time, his older brother’s business started going down while his business was going up. I must let you know that his older brother trusted him and gave him access to his major clients.  When the older brother discovered how his younger brother had snatched his clients away, he was discouraged and had a serious problem with his brother. In summary, his business went down and he lost millions of naira. Today, he is stilling trying hard to come back while his younger brother is a millionaire.

In the working place, people kill one another because of promotion. A woman once called me and told me how people were killing one another in her office because of promotion. Men use diabolical means to stop their neighbours from making it. Some go into rituals to make money while others join cults to get connected to fame. The love of money is a trap set by the devil to destroy mankind. I have seen how money destroyed an entire family. If you love money too much, you will never get enough of it. It will keep pushing you to do the wrong things until it destroys you. What will a man gain if he makes all the money in the world and loses his soul? You will give an account of your life to God. Don’t think God will answer you if you try to convince him that you were trying to meet the needs of your family. There are many ways God can bless you. All the lies and evil deeds to make money will only land a man in hell. A child of God doesn’t partake in evil things. You have to call on Jesus Christ to help you. You have to be born again now. Jesus has been waiting for you over the years, it is time to give your life to him. Ask him to forgive you. He died for you to set you free. He is willing to set you free if you will repent and turn to him.