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Why Mocktails Prevent Cancer – Bolajoko Ogunwale

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With the alarming rate of diseases occasioned by processed foods and drinks, Mrs Bolajoko Ogunwale has taken it upon herself to provide an alternative in form of what she calls mocktails. Ogunwale who is CEO, ExoticSmooth talks about the health benefits of her mocktails, as well as other sundry issues.

By Sam Anokam – Lagos


Could you tell us exactly what you do?

Exotic Smooth is a well equipped and highly sophisticated lunching outfit. We specialise in production of smoothies, punches, juices, creams, bitters, shakes made from fresh fruits and cocktail ingredients. We have a variety of between eight to 15 different varieties. They have minerals and vitamins in them. We have been in existence for over two years now. We have been passionate and committed in whatever we are doing. Creativity and ingenuity have been the hallmark of the business, right from its inception. Due to our business schedule, people are used to taking processed drinks as a result they come back with health problems like diabetes, obesity, and all that.



We are a health conscious organisation. An average Nigerian finds it very difficult to take fruits. We   recommend people to take mocktails. It will give you different fruits based on what the world health recommends. Diabetes and hypertension are devastating health problems. It can be prevented. People die of it because of ignorance and sedentary lifestyles. We encourage people to stop stuffing themselves with too much sugar and take more of fruits. They should stay healthy. Our mocktails consist of anti oxidants which help mop up free radicals in the body and prevent stress. The environment we live is a highly stressed one and as a result, the mocktails contain anti oxidants and health boosters. When people take those drinks they live healthier.

Life expectancy in Nigeria is 56. In order words, one is expected to die at the age of 56 because of so many health conditions including environmental conditions around us. Because of that we want to fill in the dietary and hygiene gaps in the industry. That is why we are very conscious of what people take in.

Our mocktails have no chemicals, preservatives, additives because they are professionally done.

What is known are cocktails, what is mocktails?

Mocktails are mixed without spirits. They are non alcoholic drinks. We don’t add alcohol because of health reasons.

What is unique about Exotic smooths?

Our passion, the creativity and innovation we bring into the business is what sets us apart. We don’t do for A what we do for B, for every of our events, there is something new, something different, something to look forward to in that place. Another thing that stands us out is that we are very creative. We do a lot of research, browsing. We attend seminars, training and develop ourselves. We have a very strong customer relation. We have a facebook page, a websites and twitter pages as well.We use barrels. The barrels we use are quite different from the wine barrels.

Can you share the kind of challenges in your line of business?

People tell us initially that they rather give the whole stuff to a caterer to handle than having a cocktail differently. Initially people were not ready to accept us probably because they think we are a bit on the high side. What I tell people is that a caterer will tell you not to worry and assures you of proper handling of the cocktail as well. She will come with two or three drinks and most times, she doesn’t care. She brings just anybody who dresses anyhow. I am not trying to down-play anybody but I am telling you what obtains in the industry. In fact there was this woman that called me last year and thereafter introduced three people to me. She told me she was tired of taking chapman and black currant. When she met me, she confessed that what I have is what she has been looking for. She did not even price my services before contracting me. It gives us joy that we are doing our best to ensure that nothing is less than the best. We put a lot of class, touch and swag into whatever we are doing. The ambience is phenomenal. The lighting is beautiful.

We most times use aloe vera gel. We do smoothies- it’s a blend of fresh fruits. You pick your fruits at the stand, you pick your ingredients and we do it for you.

What prepared you to start this business?

I have always loved hospitality and service industry. Back in my school days, I started with ‘zobo’. I love making sure people are comfortable. I wanted a departure from the conventional norm. I wanted to think out of the box. I always think of exciting my clients. That was how it started. Another thing is that my family loves drinks. Instead of stuffing ourselves with so much sugar, calories, I thought of always doing something like orange, pineapple, cucumber, apple, carrot juice. My kids enjoy a lot of smoothies. It is something that you have a passion for, something that you are not compelled to do. You enjoy it naturally.

What do you think of entrepreneurship?

I think entrepreneurship is key. There is nothing like having your own business, doing your own thing your own way. The creativity and ingenuity will come in. Doing it the best way you think will make it happen. When I started my business was when I discovered the passion in doing my own thing. Most times I wake up in the midnight and browse. You will also have time for your family and other things. I am a career person. I read a lot and try as much to add value to myself. I think it is good for women to look into it.

What is the minimum amount of money to set up this type of business?

It depends on what you call minimum. I order most of my things. Averagely, N50,000 should be able to start it. There is something about business, when you start small, you grow with it. As you make profit, you re-invest it in the business. That is what I do. I reinvest. You can start off with chapman alone.

What other health benefit does your mocktails have?

Our mocktails aid people with problem of indigestion. It prevents cancer and diseases. It helps to improve concentration and heart diseases. It helps to fight diabetes and obesity. They are devastating health problems with devastating health consequences. According to an estimate of a recent international obesity taskforce, up to 1.7 billion people of the world population are at the risk of weight related and non communicable heart diseases. We provide additional counselling options when provided with guest profile of our clients especially the elderly ones. We don’t pump them with sugar. We give them health boosters. We give informed decision to consume the fresh and most natural drink and this play a useful role in calorie control diets. We cover medium to large events and our drinks have no preservatives added to them. This help to mop up free radicals in the body, prevents cancer and all those cardiovascular diseases.