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Why Some Ministers Do Not Retain God’s Anointing -Iro atu

Posted: Jul 26, 2015 at 12:16 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Aramide Oikelome , Lagos

The Presiding Senior Pastor of Assemblies of God, Alimosho Mega Worship Center, Egbeda, Lagos, Rev. Godson Iroatu, has called on ministers of the gospel to everything possible to retain and maintain the anointing of God upon their lives if they want to fulfill the ministry God has committed into your their hands.

The cleric, also berated Christian leaders who abandon the sheep to join politics, lamenting that some fervent and fiery ministers have left their first love and ministry because of the love of money and material gain.

Iroatu, who spoke at the end of this year’s Assemblies of God’s Gilgal Conference in Lagos urged ministers to remain focused, stressing that this is one of the attributes servants of God must have to remain effective and  useful in the hand of God.

He said, “A man that must retain the anointing must remain focus. He must look unto Him who anointed him. No doubt, there will be distraction on the way but he must maintain his focus.

“He must also watch out for the things the devil set as traps to those that are anointed. There are three major things I have seen that knocked down men of God: women, finance and fame. Men of God with anointing must watch out for these things because anointing attracts a lot of things.”

The cleric maintained that anointing would attract women that are agents of destruction to men of God that are not watchful, adding that money has ruin some anointed ministers because they lost focus of where they are coming from.

“Money becomes everything to them. They don’t preach any other thing than money. True, there is a place of money in God’s work, we can’t over-emphasize it. I don’t think God wants us to take it to the point of paying money before someone can see a man of God.”

He denounced people that sell anointing oil at exorbitant prices for miracle. He warned that a man that ascribed God’s glory to himself because he was used of God to do such is on his way down.

The cleric who recently called on both Federal and Lagos State Governments to seek divine assistance continued:

“When you talk in terms of maintaining the anointing, we cannot push aside the issue of holiness and righteousness which is one thing that opens the door of anointing. A man of God that wants to maintain the anointing must live by the Word of God; study it not just for preaching but living.”

He reiterated that it is “an embarrassment for a pastor to compromise his faith because of money and it is a sign that one has lost focus”, saying such minister has sold his birthright.

“You have disgraced God who anointed you,” he said, “you have made an open show of shame of the anointing you carry. And sincerely speaking, we have seen a lot of them today; they are a disgrace to the kingdom of God. And they a disgrace to us the younger ministers.”