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Ministers Of God Must Be Careful About What They Say

Posted: May 15, 2015 at 12:46 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Some prophesies about the last elections failed, why? 

There are things that we must know about prophesy and predictions. Predictions and prophesy are not the same. Predictions may fail but prophesy may not because of the source. Predictions are mainly human while prophesies are spiritual.

How and when do you know a prophet? 

You don’t know a prophet at the point of his prophesy, but you know him or her when the prophesy comes to pass. It is the fulfillment of the prophesy that will determine a true prophet. I will consider most of the things that were said during the elections as predictions. Men predicted and their predictions were wrong. Prophesy can’t be wrong because God cannot lie. Whatever God says must come to pass. The truth of the matter is that the Presidential election was an interesting one because our country is growing. The outcome of this election shows that Nigeria is growing and there is hope. I once said there is hope for our nation, this is the beginning of that manifestation.

The President-elect, General Muhammed Buhari, is a Muslim and there are things we know about him – his character, personality and integrity. He is the man we need at a time like this. Nigerians have proven that this change is what we need now. I’m hopeful that God will give us the change.

I will caution my fellow ministers of God to be careful about what we say and the things we predict. Let us be careful to know when we are talking and when God is talking. You don’t have to lie about your personal opinion and say it was from God. We should not be carried away by emotions, feelings, situations or conditions, but we should be focused and go back to Bethel, to the place of the altar. This is not to discourage pastors over prophesy but I want all of us to retrace our steps. Let’s get back and get going, knowing that predictions and prophesies are not the same and they will never be.

There is this rumour during the election period that politicians were giving bribe to some pastors?

I am very worried and ashamed as well. Our place is the place of the altar and the reason for this is that too many pastors are running to government houses hence, this whole shame. Let us sit down and do what God has called us to do, let us remain at the place of the altar. We should stop running around government officials, it is a disgrace that money was given to ministers of God to mobilise for votes. It is one story that should not be heard of the church. I feel so sorry for anyone who is involved in this act. It is ungodly, God is not part of this, we are not politicians, the church is not political, it is the church of God. We should pray for politicians and tell them the truth. A politician who would release money because he wants to be elected is simply telling us that he is not coming to do anything that will better the lives of the people, we should be able to tell them the truth.

When they spend money before they get into office, when they get into office, they will want to get it back. This is unacceptable, ungodly and the church should not allow it. The church should say no to it, they should stand against it so that our nation can move forward and for our country to be developed the way other countries are. It has come to the time that integrity and record of the people and what we know them for and what they are capable of doing should count. Not how much, the prerequisite for getting into public office should not be how much money that you have, but it should be the strength of your character that will take you there.

What are your expectations from the in-coming administration?

There are a lot of things to be done by the in-coming government. Buhari is going to face a lot of challenges but I believe God will help him. My only fear about this will be the people around him. It is another thing for a man to have good plans and it is another thing for him to have a team that shares his vision. If the people do not share the same vision with him, all his efforts at the end of the day may not go as planned.

I want to trust God to help the President-elect to choose men who have quality of character, men who are zero corrupt, men who are into the vision of nation-building, selecting the right people and not bringing the old elements who have plunged our nation into shame and disgrace over the years.

He should choose men who have the fear of God, selfless men, who have the interest of our nation at heart; then, we are sure of getting somewhere.

If the in-coming President can deal with the issue of leadership which is the problem of the nation, then the nation would be better for it. It is because our leaders are corrupt, that is why our society is not enjoying what we should be enjoying.

Let Buhari put his ears on the ground, God will help him so that he can choose men who will represent him well because he cannot fight corruption alone. He cannot do it alone.

Buhari should also tackle power shortage so that we can have 24 hours of electricity supply. There are so many things that Nigerians can do for themselves.

He has made a great touch on our refineries through the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) before and I believe that he would do it again. If he can fix our refineries and build new ones, then, the issue of fuel would be a thing of the past.

How about INEC Chairman, Jega?

I commend the INEC Chairman, Prof Jega, who conducted the 2015 elections such that we have not seen before. Although, it was an exercise that was not completely free and fair, but we can say it was an improvement on 2011 general elections. Prof. Jega is a true Nigerian, who had a good plan and motive, but his Resident Electoral Commissioners didn’t live up to expectations. They messed up his plans. You discover that the system is still having some questions to answer, which is unacceptable.

What are your thoughts on executions of some Nigerians in Indonesia?

Capital punishment is not the best solution to crime in the world. Inasmuch as crime is not acceptable, then capital punishment does not give the opportunity for that soul to be saved.

It is ungodly for any man to issue out capital punishment to another man because he has committed a crime. The same man who has been executed today for committing a particular crime if given an opportunity to live may even fight that crime better. Oftentimes, people commit crime without knowing the implications because of ignorance.

I once held a programme and after my ministration, a young man walked up to me and said, I want to give my life to Jesus Christ. He said he was an armed robber. Each time he hears that an armed robber is already condemned, that God doesn’t want them and that was what he has been hearing. That he never knew that as an armed robber that God can still forgive him. The first time he went into armed robbery, he had no choice but to do it. When he now discovered that he was told that he was condemned by the church and God, he then decided to go into it fully and he became a deadly armed robber because the church told him that he had no hope. During the crusade, I told him that God has given him life and can make it better and he saw it from another perspective, I told him that there is hope for him and he can even become a preacher and do it better than myself. There and then, he gave his life to Jesus and decided that he would never rob again. If that young man was killed before he met me, he wouldn’t have the opportunity of turning a new leaf. Today, he is a great evangelist, and has touched the lives of other people positively.

Are you not worried that the Chibok girls have still not been found?

Yes, there is hope that the Chibok girls would be found but not all of them.

Recently, the Nigerian military recovered some women and children that were captured by Boko Haram. I am very optimistic that they would be rescued and the change in government will bring about change in many sectors in the country.

The painful aspect is that this hope is rather coming a little bit late but it is better late than never. Some of these girls have been given away in marriage which is not fair. Some of them have given birth, God will help us and I pray that such a thing does not happen in our nation again.

The activities of Boko Haram will surely come to an end and with the in-coming administration, security issues will be handled properly.