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Checkpoint Ridicules The Military – Tanko

Posted: Jun 28, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)


Recently, President Buhari took a decision that all military roadblocks should be removed, do you think this will pose any kind of security threat to the states?

If all our security operatives are functioning perfectly, I don’t think there is any cause for fear. Our soldiers should be strictly for battlefield combat and not for mounting of road blocks. Mounting road blocks is the job of the police. The Nigerian police should be in charge of security internally. So, I welcome President Buhari’s stand on the issue. Our soldiers are trained for war situations and, in any case, their mounting road blocks have reduced the military from what they are. We have ridiculed our military by putting them on the streets. So this decision will help restore the image of our military.

In the developed countries, for instance, America, you can never find any military man on the street. Even with all the terrorist attacks targeted at them. It is only when it becomes a war situation that you see the American soldiers at the forefront. There are special agents that are supposed to checkmate these terrorists from their source. Also, I will like people to know that President Buhari did not take this decision on his own. He and the army chiefs sat down to decide on what to do.

But some people are of the opinion that removal of military roadblocks may allow free movement for terrorists to penetrate states they had not been able to access. What do you think of this opinion?

Not when these terrorists are being checkmated from their source. If we have qualified security personnel who find out information about the sect, we will have first hand information when something is about to happen. Why we are being attacked continuously is because we have been on the defensive when we are supposed to be attacking. We should come out from our defensive positions and start attacking. If we have been on the attacking end, these people should have run back to their base by now. This is the time to strengthen and equip our police force.