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Migrants: God Is The Answer

Posted: Sep 21, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)


Migrants from the Middle East, fleeing war and misery, are tearing up Europe. They are coming like locusts and are as bad-tempered as bees. They do not give a whistle or a hoot about national boundaries. They seem to think that the earth is theirs and the fullness thereof. They challenge the police and authorities and rampage like an army of occupation. Most of the migrants are from Syria and Iraq. Nigerians who have fled war and misery in the North East are not amused that the world has failed to categorize this as a Nigerian export… though it has been taken out of national boundaries and decorum. Copycats normally overdo things.

Serves Europe right though! When the war broke out in Syria, Europe should have known better than to push for the removal of the Syrian leader, President Bashar al-Assad. It all began with the popular revolt, which came to be christened “the Arab spring.” President Assad saw it coming and dug in. When the bubble burst he was cornered and he fought with the ferocity of a panther and the patience of vulture. It was a fight for his life.

He saw what happened to Maumar Al Ghadafi and a host of other Arab leaders who danced around with the protesters and rebels, and ended up as sorrowful bits of history. Assad had the benefit of time to plan for the “war” and get his acts right. Meanwhile, Europe was sermonizing and insisting that Assad should do the gentlemanly thing, handover power and democratize the ancient nation. They were willing to sacrifice stability for principles and sacrifice peace at the altar of democracy. Assad stood firm.

That is where Europe had it wrong. Assad may be evil, but the world should learn to live with evil. After all, Nigerians showed the world an example in patience when we lived with the late General Sani Abacha (a “thoroughly nasty piece of work…” according to the National Democratic Coalition) as Head of State until God in His wisdom took the “scourge” away. Thanks to General Yakubu Gowon who never spoke a word, ill or good about Abacha, but rather organized the project “Nigeria Prays.” God did the rest…

Unlike Nigerians, many Europeans do not seem to believe in God… their undoing. They think they can determine what is evil and what is good by using their moral standards, traditions and conventions. Some of the European countries even joined United States of America to bomb targets in Syria after the rebels complained that Assad’s forces used chemical weapons against them. They ignored pleas by Christians that the Syrian rebels were carrying out ethnic cleansing against them. To them, Assad had to go by fire and by force.

Britain, an island nation, did not join the American-led airstrike against Syria. Its parliament stood against the proposal by the prime minister to join America in the bombing raid, and insisted that a diplomatic solution should be found for the conflict and Britain should not join as an aggressor. So? “Na so America walka come alone.” President Obama was referenced as telling Britain something which sounded like “There is God o!” over this perceived betrayal by its most ardent supporter and ally. But it was a wise decision on the part of Britain.

Well, the battle to weaken Assad and force him to give up his office is yet to work. What the West, the leaders in the Information and Communication Technology revolution, should use this misadventure to learn is that there is a difference between intelligence and street wisdom. They succeeded in weakening the Assad regime and then the most monstrous and hideous group of vampires emerged out of the vacuum. The ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is a horde of men and women who revel in beheading people and who have more respect for the lives of flies than human beings. They are against Assad and they are against the West. They are against everything in today’s world. They believe that the world is flat and they would not allow the facts to interfere with their conclusions.

In fact you are liable to know more about what they are against than what they are for. Which explains why tens of thousands of migrants are pouring into Europe to seek political asylum.

One is utterly displeased with the way the world is handling this crisis. The world should pay more attention to Nigeria and use Nigeria more often in managing its crises. Take fleeing war and misery! Most Nigerians fled war and misery while they were still in the womb. Right now they qualify for professorship in fleeing war and misery.

War and misery is a daily occurrence in the North East of Nigeria. The United Nations and other relevant governments should borrow a leaf from Nigeria in managing conflicts. Rule Number One: promise the people everyday that the war will be over in two months and spend the next two months thinking of an excuse to give on why it did not finish in two months as you predicted. Rule Number two, thereafter give them another two months and let the routine continue, while you tour the world and speak about the problems and the need for more ammuniations.

While still at it, try Rule Number Three: initiate a discussion in the public space that you are contemplating a meeting with ISIS to discuss a prisoner swap. That should lead to a lot of buzz. The Rule Number Four: Whenever you capture some ISIS fighters, promptly call the press and tell them that the fighters have surrendered, turned new leaves and would soon be ordained ministers. Rule Number Five: Let a high profile military figure grant an interview and warn the rest of the ISIS fighters to promptly and without further delay surrender to them.

If you do all these and the migrants still want leave to go to Europe, then invite Gowon to begin, “The World Prays…” God is the answer.