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‘Men Are Distractions!’

Posted: May 10, 2015 at 12:02 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Pretty Patience Erdoo Yisa, a graduate of chemistry from Benue State University, former Miss Glo Rock and Rule and Miss Culture and Tourism Benue State 2013 is currently making impact in Tinsel Town.

In this chat with Assist. EDITOR, Sam Anokam, Yisa talks about her romance with Nollywood.

How did it begin with you and Nollywood?

Pretty Patience Erdoo Yisa

Pretty Patience Erdoo Yisa

It started late last year after my NYSC. I love to entertain, it’s part of me. It’s just that school was holding me back, so immediately after my NYSC, I came down to Lagos to fully pursue my career in acting and I must say it has been fulfilling and am very lucky because I’ve really done some good jobs with very good faces in the industry, most of the movies  are yet to be out.


How many movies, soaps opera have you featured in?

I’ve done a soap called Family friends. I did another one with Julius Agwu and movies like Igene, Ibu in London, Corporate Handwork, Living in Lekki, then a documentary about female militants and others that I cannot remember now but I have done like eight movies within six months  with big faces.


What makes a good actress?

What makes a good actress to me is your ability to interpret your role correctly with So much emotion attached, soaking yourself into it as if it’s your true life story.


What role can you not play?

I know that I cannot act nude. I can show some skin but acting nude is not my thing. Reason been that I don’t think it will add any value to my acting career especially that, this is Africa.


As a former beauty queen, do you have any pet project?

As a queen, I already did a lot of pet project while I was still reigning and even up to this point. During my reign, most of my pet projects were in the rural areas. I was able talk to a lot of young girls about the importance of education as a girl child and the disadvantages of early marriage. I even encouraged a lot of them to go to school by paying their fees. I also did a lot of charity work in hospitals especially in the children’s ward. I paid their hospital bills and so on and by God’s grace I hope to continue with it especially, the need for the girl child education.

I have also been grooming girls back in Benue State and I still hope to continue because I now have a better platform to affect more lives.


Who is the lucky man in your life?

There is no man yet in my life. I am single and loving it because now I can concentrate on myself and my career and also try to work hard to be there for those who believe in me. Men are distractions. At least for the past five months, I have not answered questions like; why didn’t you pick your calls? How long will you be in a meeting? I need to face my career. Infact, if you ask me, women should get married in their thirties and use their twenties to pursue their career. In that case, no distractions, you are still smart, no baby yet to hold you back, you still have your perfect shape to achieve anything you want to achieve. Marriage comes with so much responsibilities and rules especially when you marry a man that does not understand you. So at age 30, you know what you may have achieved.


What are the qualities you look out for in a man?

I look out for simplicity and humility. Humble people can get to any level in life. I am a very outspoken person. I look out for a man who is not secretive. When I offend you, tell me immediately, don’t keep it in your heart, no one is perfect.

Pride turns me off in a guy. And I noticed that most people confuse pride with high self esteem. They are two different things. Having a high self esteem means the way you carry yourself while pride means feeling better or more important than the other person.


 What do you hope to achieve generally?

Generally, I hope to do very great things in a short time as I am already working on. The industry has been lacking my talent and I’ve come to show the world what I’ve got. I hope to get the world recognition in a short time through my acting talent and my NGO by God’s grace. In a few years I hope to be recognized as the ambassador who has helped a lot of girls in the rural areas to overcome their fears, went to school, gets a job and help their family and not remain under the shadow that the best thing that can happen to them is to get married at an early age to a very old man with plenty wives. They deserve much more than that.


Do you have any role Model?

My role model generally is my mother. I have learnt a lot from her. When I was growing I thought she was too harsh. She is a disciplinarian and that really helped me in the course of my study in the University and everywhere I find myself. She is my source of inspiration, she motivates me, with her I believe I can so anything.  She is a very strong woman and at her age, she still believes she can still achieve a lot.