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Media, CSO Urged To Partner In Fight Against Corruption

Posted: Jul 3, 2015 at 8:01 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Funmi Falobi –  Lagos


Nigerian media and civil society organisations have been urged to collaborate in order to achieve maximum success in the fight against corruption in the country.
At a one-day roundtable discussion on Cost of Corruption in Nigeria, organised by the CLEEN Foundation with support from Partners for Democratic Change, experts are of the opinion that more could beachieved in the fight against corruption when the media and CSO work together.

Speaking at the event, Programme Manager, CLEEN Foundation, Nengak Daniel said the country has made a lot of progress from government, media and CSO in the area of curbing corruption without which it would have been worse. He however said there is need for CSO to work with the media to attain more success.

Recounting a survey conducted by the foundation on the Drivers License Application Corruption, he declared that many Nigerians do not know the actual amount to get license. While they complained that the process is too slow and cumbersome, they believe that agents are needed to facilitate the process hence paying higher.

“We realised that CSO alone might not be successful in addressing corruption but when both media and CSO work together, it boost each other’s work in the fight against corruption. It is important to empower independent media and civil society to be effective anti-corruption groups in the country. CSO might not be successful without the cooperation of the media,” he said.

Managing Editor, Premium Times, Muskiliu Mojeed, said that reporting corruption is what everybody must be involved in stressing that Nigerian media have done a lot in spite the challenges facing it.
“I think there’s a consensus that corruption is killing Nigeria and is killing Nigeria fast. Every reporter in Nigeria must know how to track corruption. Corruption is not just about stealing money but include abuse of office, impunity and if we look around we have people who life far above their mates and they are government officials.”
“If journalists have all the resources and report it and CSO did not key in, there’s little journalists can do. There must be partnership.”
“Giving the challenges facing Nigerian media, it is one of the most vibrant in Africa doing quite a lot in the area of corruption, exposing human rights abuse, exposing bad things government officials are doing. I agree they can do more; reporters have to get capacity building. The missing link is that CSO don’t take it forward. CSO must do advocacy and campaign vigorously for change,” he said.