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Marriage is Blood Covenant

Posted: Apr 10, 2016 at 3:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

She is the most notable Amazon of Yewa politics. Senator Iyabo Anisulowo recently marked her 65th birthday with fanfare. Anthonia Duru had a chat with her thereafter and this amazing doyen who disclosed that she will retire from politics once she attain the age of 70 narrated some of her experience as a female politician.

She is one of the very few women who went into politics and came back scandal-free. She represented Ogun West Senatorial District at the Upper Legislative Chamber between 2003 and 2007. Before then, she had made her mark politically when she was made Commissioner for Agriculture in Ogun State. She was also a minister.

“I was groomed not to go into politicking as such, but I moved with women like Prof. Bolanle Awe, Chief Bolarinwa and other women. I started as an activist with WIN (Women in Nigeria) in the 80’s. When I came to Ogun State, I met Chief Titi Ajanaku, she was nice, she was always there for me and she was a mentor.”

With the moral backing of these glorious women, she bravely set out simply on her first journey into the murky waters of Nigerian politics.

Anisulowo has become a rallying point for women and even men in politics because of her approach to issues. At her Ilaro, Ogun State, country home, different political leaders called her from time to time for advice on pressing issues. When asked why politicians now approach her for advice, Anisulowo who said she is now a political godmother with confidence replied, “Political leaders and even young politicians now come to me for counseling and guidance because they know that I won’t mislead them, rather I will direct their path rightly. I am looking up to the day I would meet my creator in heaven and my being in politics will not deter that because that is the reward of Christians.”

Since 1973 till date, she still tells everyone that cares to listen that her home is her treasure and her marriage is a model for other marriages. What is the secret?

Our reporter asked this woman who has since become an elder stateswoman in Ogun politics. She reminisced for about fifty seconds, broke the silence and said, “Marriage is a blood covenant which must not be broken. Blood covenant is very strong and even God acknowledges this when He sent Jesus to sacrifice himself for us through his precious blood. You just have to keep that covenant because it involves blood of two people from different families. Not everything that glitters is gold and so couples should be patient. Women should be meek and humble at home even when they are the opposite outside because the man is still the head of the home. Success and positions should not becloud women rather it should make them humble. My home is haven of peace. The secret is simply that I believe in covenant of marriage.”

What then has kept the home ordered and functioning for over three decades? The lovely wife and mother of three sharply and eloquently answered: “My husband believes in me and he is pretty sure that I won’t betray him out there. I don’t betray trust even politically; we don’t need to go into an oath before I make agreement with anyone. The covenant in marriage is very strong because it involves blood and when you defile that, it has its consequences. There are two strong covenants that I know: that of childbirth between a mother and her child and the covenant between a husband and a wife. I couldn’t move higher in politics because I couldn’t compromise standards.”

Probed further on her activities while in politics, with pride she said she maintained her grounds on issues. Though she agreed that it could be frustrating for one to maintain her integrity in politics, she added that she was happy and felt fulfilled going the way she went while in active politics.

“I am not begging for anything. One thing delights me and gives me joy; I have a family that I can always fall on anytime the need arises. As a woman, if you are strict and you don’t have a family, it can really become a mental and psychological problem because people will jeer at you because you don’t have a family.”

Still on her attitude while holding public office, she said one needs to be fanatical to maintain his or her integrity in politics.

“You must have the mind of God; you will either be a fanatical Christian or a fanatical Muslim. Fanatical in the sense that you go beyond just reading the Quran or the Bible. You practise what the holy books preach. Politics itself is a calling and I tell people not to venture into politics if they don’t have the calling because politics is a science of community living,” she revealed while adding that she made way because she stood her ground on issues.

Unlike most women who incur the wrath of their in-laws when they become actively involved in politics, this woman, who was described as “Senate strong woman” during her time in the National Assembly was however, lucky as her in-laws rallied round her because she distinguished herself to be a woman who was on a decent mission by the way she conducted herself while in politics.

“I never lost the fact that I was a responsible woman and at the end of the day they were all proud of me. My father-in-law organised a befitting reception for me when I was appointed as a minister. I don’t know if they really had a counter view but I proved them wrong and they were proud of me because I proved my worth out there. The only complaint they heard about me was that I was very tough, strict and well principled.”

She said women irrespective of their attainment in life should be meek and humble when dealing with their husbands because the home is a woman’s treasure.

“They can lord it over men outside, I don’t really care about that but I quarrel with them when they become arrogant at home because that could break their home. I respect people everywhere. God is not happy with those who are proud but He raises the lowly,” she advised.