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Managing Children Bedwetting And After Stench

Posted: Oct 8, 2016 at 4:00 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)
The first rule for being a mother is that there is no room for laziness. And as a house keeper, there is no time to be sloppy if you want a stench-free home.
When your children are still toddlers, dealing with bedwetting from time to time is unavoidable.
Though some mothers start early to teach their children how to alert adults when they want to use the bathroom, it does not stop accidents from occurring once in awhile.
Almost every home in Nigeria experience children bedwetting. This does not have anything to do with being able to buy diapers at all times. There will be a time when you will want your child to stop wearing diapers and that time is when you will experience bedwetting because at this stage in every child’s life, they have not learned how their body works. They find it difficult to wake up when they are pressed and as children that are already used to diapers, they believe they are still wearing one and relive themselves while sleeping.
This is where the parents’ job starts.
As a mother, you are also a watchman especially if you have children that are still at the peeing age.
You may have to start putting the baby in the potty every two hours even in the wee time of the night. But this is not our topic for the day.
What we are discussing today is how to manage bedwetting after it occurs so as to get rid of the stench.
Avoid waiting till morning before doing something to the wet bed. Many mothers make the mistake of waiting until morning before they dry up the child’s urine which is very wrong. By morning, the urine must have soaked deep into the mattress and no matter how many times you take the mattress out in the sun, it will still smell. That is medicine after death which never works.
Once you notice a child is wet from urine, don’t just change the child’s cloth and remove the wet bed spread, get dry clothes that are ready for laundry and lay them on the wet spot. You can double the layer of clothes. Cover the pile of a wrapper or another bedspread and apply pressure.
You can tell an adult or the child to lay down on the covered pile of clothes until morning. That will be all the pressure you need to absorb all the urine into the dirty clothes.
Once it is morning, pack all the pile up clothes and the child’s wet clothes and wash them immediately. Add disinfectant to the water and rinse the clothes thoroughly.
Put on the fan and face it to the area that was wet.
Open up the window. Many families seem to be allergic to opening their windows. And the ironic thing is that these families do not have air-conditioners that could freshen up the air. So, the atmosphere in the room becomes very humid.
There is no amount of odour that fresh air cannot help to resolve.
Then when the sun comes on, you can take the mattress out for more airing.
In most cases, if this procedure is done well, you will find out that there is no need to take out the mattress.
Taking care of children and managing the home comes with a lot of sacrifice and commitment.
If you have always envied your neighbour’s home because it’s stench-free, you should also do a mental calculation of how many quality sleep she loses just to keep her home clean.