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Make-up business, big eyeopener for me –Adekanmbi

Posted: Apr 18, 2015 at 5:10 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Adekanmbi Olubanke Modupe is the chief executive officer of D’Strandz makeover, a business concern that focuses on enhancing the beauty of ladies. In an interview with our correspondent, Olamide Bakare, she talks about the journey and her aspiration for the future



At first glance, no one needs any further information on what business this amiable and affable woman does. Her look, mien and radiating beauty are enough det

ails to show that the business of beauty remains her forte.

When our correspondent met with her, there was little or no room for frivolities as she was deeply engrossed in what has brought fortunes to her in the last four years. Speaking on her journey and why she chose to venture into the business instead of paid employment.

Hear her” I have nursed the idea of establishing a start-ups particularly in the area of beauty enhancement. I value the importance of looking good. So, as a secondary school leaver, I recollect that the interest cropped up when I was about graduating. Even though, I did pay scant attention to it each time I get opportunity to visit a friend who had been doing it before then, I never knew that it would end up to become a means of livelihood. I remembered that at a time, it was the only means that I could rely upon to cater for my needs. Till date, I have never regretted taking such decision. Having established myself, I saw the need to set up on a full scale”.

Delving into details on what the business is all about, Modupe who was delighted at the turn of events explained that the business  has grown to become diversified over the last two years.

She said” I am a beautician but with specific focus on make up for Nigerian artistes. I do all kinds of  make-up comprising  bridal makeup, traditional makeup, fashion makeup. I have been into makeup since 2011.Not long after, I started hairdo which started after completing my secondary school education”

Of course, there are no businesses without challenges, Modupe says it has been a mixed bag of fortune for her. According to her, in the last two years, the level of success recorded far outweighs some failures though she says it was quite expected considering the fact that it was a new business.

She says” it has not been a bed of roses. But I thank God that we have made tremendous progress so far. Business in this part of the world requires resilience and perseverance. If such attributes are lacking, there is no way an entrepreneur can survive. Besides, when you look at contending issues affecting big businesses, there is no way your business no matter how small it is will not be affected too. You are practically not isolated directly or indirectly. As you know, if the economy is bad, it is going to have serious effect on other areas of life. Although people say that Nigerians are the most happy people on earth, but the situation of things particularly at this time are reflected in  the level of patronage. Before now, you have a long list of customers waiting to engage you, but with the hardship we are facing, things are no longer the same. But generally, I think God has been faithful”.

I can confidently say that the business has opened enough doors such that I get calls from as far as other regions of the country”.

Speaking on her experience, Modupe who is fully delighted for taking the hard decision despite her different course of study said the business remains a big eye opener to other opportunities

She said” No doubt, this is indeed the biggest exposure I have had. The business has really opened many shut doors. Not only that, It has given me more definition of what life is. At least, on a weekly basis, I get to meet different kinds of people, from different tribes. It is a good platform that has enhanced my skill in managing people well even in a difficult situation”.

Asked if unemployment was responsible for her decision to venture into entrepreneurship, Modupe said it was borne out of inner persuasion.

She notes “I am of the belief that God created good things, but I feel sad each time I meet people and they tell me how they wished they could  look beautiful. That was what motivated me into makeup. What make up does is simply amazing, it helps to transform even those that cannot be recognized. I am committed to bringing out the beauty in every living woman through my artistry and skill. Since I started, I have never in any way regretted my decision because I know God has a good plan for me.”

Talking about the gains and where it hopes the business will be in the next five years, the ebullient woman expressed great confidence of a brighter future..

She says “My hope and prayer is that the business we continue to witness immense growth more than ever before. It is my hope that, going forward, I would have as many outlets as possible both within and outside Nigeria.

Advising aspiring businessmen and women, she  urged them to follow through in whatever vision they are embarking on, noting that with due diligence, passion and integrity, success is at the corner.

She adds: My advice for the young entrepreneurs is that they should always believe in what they do, put God first.”