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Maduka: Emperor Of Multiple Talents

Posted: Sep 9, 2015 at 12:40 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Yemi Adebisi


Showers of encomium from relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbours, co-workers, church members and other invited guests at the public presentation of The Surviving Twins and Tears For Love written by Dr. Sunny Oby Maduka must have proved beyond doubt that the author is indeed a rare enigma.

Author Maduka, (fifth from left); his wife, Priscilia (right); chairman of the day, Ogboku (fourth left) and other guests at the public presentation.

Author Maduka, (fifth from left); his wife, Priscilia (right); chairman of the day, Ogboku (fourth left) and other guests at the public presentation.

Held at Best Western Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos on Saturday August 29, 2015, the unusual Lagos traffic congestion and monthly environmental sanitation could only delay the commencement of the programme till few minutes after 3p.m, an event that was initially billed to hold at 1p.m.

For real, how best could one have described an accountant that has churned out five novels and one film in three years?

Maduka, a man of deep insights and novel ideas on many subjects about life, organisations and environment, he was diplomatically crowned by the guests at the august event as the emperor of multiple talents.

In his opening remark, chairman of the event, Chidi Ogboku said the author is an immutable talent that has influenced virtually every segment he finds himself across the spheres of life.

“Maduka is a man of many parts. He is a marine expert, accountant, playwright, poet to mention but a few. The most important thing about him is that he is very passionate and consuming in whatever he does. The best we can do for our kids is to document our aspirations. Great minds like Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka and their peers have done their parts. Maduka is gradually stepping into their shoes,” he said.

Joined by consortium of elites and other important dignitaries, including Priscila, the author’s adorable wife, the chairman unveiled the two books and encouraged all and sundry to go home with copies of the publication.

The book reviewer, Engineer Chris Emeka Mba, who saluted the strong courage of the author called on Nigerians, home and abroad, to borrow leaves from Maduka to support in building the nation’s intellectual emporium and the revival of reading culture.

“He has made case for culture and tradition. Having written five books, I cannot but buy into his rare idea as an intellectual builder. Both books are fascinating but similar in many ways. There are two things that are common with the books, love and tradition,” he said.

Mba observed that the love described in the book by the author transients human understanding. “He is indeed a comparative professor as the books talk about atmosphere.”

The spiritual father of the day, Pastor Michael Ogunbayode, said for any written document to earn honour, it would have to carry the presence of God, stressing that the author has enjoyed divine privileges over time.

“We see clearly that there is something living with us. How do you replay the time we were born to our world today? Though several books have been written by several people, but what keeps them is the presence of God. May the book remain a legacy for this and upcoming generation,” he said.   

In The Surviving Twins, the abominable twins and their mother were to be killed in Agafe forest. The task of execution was to be shouldered by two noble sons of the soil but instead, they were murdered and the resurgence of the forgotten and supposedly abominable became the turning wheel of Afigbo’s progress.

For Tears For Love, Michael is in love. The trouble is that it’s not with the woman he’s agreed to marry. He’s hopelessly fallen for Phina, after briefly meeting her at an airport. His whole world has turned upside down, but what and how is he going to tell his bride to be, Oluchi? Then there’s the problem of breaking the news to his all-controlling mother. Not to mention the slight problem that Phina has no feelings for Michael, and is barely aware of his existence, except as someone who is destined to marry someone else.

Under pressure from all sides, Michael goes ahead with the marriage, but he can’t forget Phina, and starts on a long, exciting journey to find her and make his feelings known.

Though he said in an interview that his love for nature is germane, Maduka’s educational profile with first degree in Accounting at the prestigious University of Lagos and master’s degrees in both Business Administration  and Transportation have spoken in volume about a diligent servant leader gifted to rare passion for writing.

Maduka, a senior manager, audit, with Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) was born in Umunnekwu Agbo, Isuikwuato LGA, Abia State. His other books include The Whispering Voice, currently being screen played for a Hollywood Movie; My Nation My Agony and Collection of Illuminatory Poems.

His Nollywood Movie, Blood Communion, launched on Monday September 7, has been shelved to produce a television drama series titled The Tenant.