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LMC And The Haphazard League

Posted: May 23, 2015 at 12:58 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

It is axiomatic to say that the Globacom League in recent times has proven to be one with the most haphazard administration and calendar among other footballing nations of the world.

Kano Pillars

Kano Pillars

This impression is based on the frequency of breaks, inconsistent decisions and action of the organisers, the League Management Company (LMC), from its inception in 2011/2012 which has reduced the league turned into a laughing stock.

Only on Tuesday May 19, 2015,  the LMC announced a break for the league that is 10 Weeks old as well as other football leagues, simply for the inauguration of the President Muhammadu Buhari and the governors.

The league was however rescheduled to kick off June 14, 2014 when the dust is believed would have settled.

The LMC statement reads: “Teams will proceed on break due to the inauguration of the new government in the country and it will afford the League Management Company (LMC) a chance to enforce minimum requirements for registration.”

This development which stakeholders have aggressively condemned makes it the second time the 10-week old league will be going on a break after the first break was observed due to the general elections in March this year.

Reacting in an interview, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Enugu Rangers International Football Club, Ozor Paul Chibuzor, said that the development was unfortunate as it would hamper the desired growth needed for the Nigerian league and the clubs.

“This kind of development is killing our league. It is bad, the postponement is not necessary at all. The league can go on while the inauguration is also going on.

“What is the relationship between the inauguration and the league? At the end of the day it is the clubs that is put under pressure which is wrong. That is not how to run a league,” Chibuzor said.

However, he was quick to admonish the LMC saying, “LMC should always seek proper advice before taking any decision of this magnitude, if they can’t run the league let them handover to those who can run it for the league to move forward.”

Also commenting on the action of the LMC, the Coordinator of Edo State Football Academy and one-time Super Falcons boss, Godwin Izilein, reasoned that the incessant breaks has affected the standard of the league.

Izilein, who has coached Bendel Insurance Football Club of Benin and Dolphins of Port Harcourt maintained, “The recent drop in the performance of the Nigerian clubs at the continental level is a function of the inconsistency of the LMC in the management of the league.

Izilein wondered, “How can the league go on break because of the inauguration of new government? This is also part of the reason the standard and performance of our players is dropping too, because the LMC that is managing the league has no set standard of operation. Everything is haphazard.”

Invariably, the LMC said that the break will afford it the opportunity to enforce the minimum registration requirement and the question is what is the requirement before the league had to resume.

Reasoning against this backdrop of the opportunity to enforce the minimum registration requirement, league followers said that it justified the ineptitude of the league managers as it should ensure all formalities have been completed by all participating clubs before the commencement of the league.

However, others who spoke under anonymity on the issue aligned with the LMC noting that 95 percent of the clubs in Nigeria are owned by the governments.

To this end, they opined the governments need time to settle down for business and that implies proper planning for all sectors to be incorporated into the budget of the year.

The development makes much sense even as virtually all the 20 clubs’ players and officials are being owed by their owners for months of salaries and arrears till date.

Clubs that have such huge debts known to the public include Dolphins of Port Harcourt, nine moths; Shooting Stars Sports Club (3SC) of Ibadan, six months among others.

The coming of the LMC in 2011/2012 was on temporal basis to midwife the league to having a substantive leadership after the suspension of the then Nigerian Football League (NFL) Chairman, Chief Baribote Rumson.

Since then till date, the caretaker management has metamorphosed severally to becoming a permanent leadership with the  old ‘commander’ still in charge and so have its decisions and actions been so haphazard even as club owners had on severally occasions fallen out with the LMC on the need to do the right thing.