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Leaders Urged To Imbibe Godly Concept

Posted: Jul 29, 2015 at 1:13 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Chinyere Abiaziem  –  Lagos


“God has given to every organisation all the human and material resources it needs to make laudable impact in the society. However, the harnessing and deployment of these resources is usually in the hands of organizations’ managers.  

“But, as in every human endeavour, while some managers are finding it easy directing their work force towards realization of their organizations’ objectives, others are just grappling to remain afloat. Studies have shown that staking of incentives (motivation) tend to spur workers to put in their best always.”

Pastor Stanley

Pastor Stanley

These are the words of Pastor Stanley Chinedu Okorom, author of the book: Exploring The Concepts of Biblical Motivations, launched last Saturday at The Apostolic Church Nigeria, LAWNA territory.

According to him, the book is an attempt to draw attention of religious and secular leaders cum managers properly to use available resources in motivating both their members and employees, so that their God-given abilities can be deployed in achieving organisational objectives.

To Pastor Okorom, a full time minister in charge of Arepo Assembly in Olorunda district, many leaders have missed it in church management, as they are of the opinion that those coming into the ministry (fulltime) are doing so due to poverty.

“We have missed it in church management; most leaders see those under them as people who have come to beg. In most cases, some of us were doing well in our secular jobs, but when we received the unction that God is calling us into full time ministry, we had no choice than to drop whatever we were doing.

“My advice to Christian leaders is that they imbibe the culture of motivating people under them, if they can do this it will go a long way in improving the system and Christianity will be made better. Motivation starts from acknowledging ones efforts over a particular task, if one does good and you praise him; he or she gets motivated as it solves a lot of problem in the national polity, ” Pastor Okorom said.

Addressing the alleged poor reading culture prevalent in our society, he encouraged writers and would-be writers not to be discouraged but to continue to utilize their talents rightly as there is hope for survival.

“On the problem of poor reading culture, those of us that God Has endowed with writing skills should not get discouraged, let’s continue to write because day after day people are becoming more and more enlightened.”

Corroborating the author’s words, Elder Ezekiel Faniyi, added that motivation is an important management principle that leaders and managers can put into use to maximise the productivity of the people under them.

“Motivation concept is a factor that can encourage people to perform beyond the expectations of their managers. If they are truly motivated they can be able to deliver a very high level productivity that is why the issue of motivation is very important.

“For a manager to succeed in managing roles and responsibilities, he has to ensure that the people he is managing are highly motivated. In the church of God we have leaders in each group and each leader is encouraged to adopt the concept of motivation, to be able to make his followers perform to the best of their ability,” Faniyi stated.