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Lalong’s Rescue Mission Has Restored Peace In Plateau -Majang

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Posted: Nov 9, 2016 at 7:13 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Dan Majang is the Media Adviser to Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State.  In this interview with ONOJA AUDU, he bares his mind on the governor’s rescue administration,  declaring that Lalong’s emergence  was the handiwork of the people and not those of any political godfathers.

How would you react to the assertion by two former governors,  Senator Jonah Jang and Amb. Fidelis Tapgun, that Plateau State remains a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)  state despite the emergence of Governor Simon Lalong under the platform of All Progressives Party (PDP)?

When elders like these two former governors speak, they should weigh their words so that they do not just heat up the polity unnecessarily. Governor Lalong, whether they like it or not, is the governor today. There is nothing they can do but to wait for 2019. I know that God that brought him to become governor of Plateau State has not died.
We of the All Progressive Congress on the Plateau are taken aback by the assertion of these two former governors. They were former leaders of the state that I respect. But, I am surprised they have decided to descend so low to think that their party, the PDP, which was defeated woefully in the 2015 elections in the state, is still alive. We know the people of Plateau State and the antecedents of these two former governors.  They have not performed better than what Governor Lalong is doing at the moment for the people of his state.

What is your reaction to Senator Joshua Dariye’s defection to the ruling APC?

Before now, the PDP in the state used to boast that they had three senators and now they are minus one. Why are they busy attacking Dariye now for defecting to APC? Dariye was a former governor of Plateau State and not a green horn in politics. He knows what he wants at any given time. So, Senator Dariye should be commended for joining a rescue team on the Plateau at a time he dumped his former political party.
We know that PDP as a party is made up of strange bed fellows.  Wait and see. They are going to commit more blunders before 2019 and more prominent politicians presently in their camp will abandon the sinking ship and join the ruling APC government in the state. I was part of them before. But now, I am a strong member of APC on the Plateau.

Could Senator Jang be saying the truth when he said that the governorship election in Plateau State was rigged?

This is laughable, very laughable because Jang was the governor when the 2015 governorship election was conducted in the state and the PDP was controlling power at the centre. It was not surprising for an opposition party at that time to sweep the polls. In Governor Jang’s case, somebody who could be considered as a green horn in politics when compared with the years Jang had been in politics, gave him a run of his position, for his money.  I Pray God should keep us to 2019 and I know that we will still repeat our victory in the election. As far as I am concerned, we don’t even have a senator representing Plateau North at  the National Assembly  because we don’t know Jang’s contributions  as he is one of those senators always sleeping at the senate chambers. The images are there and he should thank God for getting whatever he wanted in life. But in 2019, we will challenge them.

Could we say it was the  former Governor Tapgun and some elders in the state from the PDP  background that delivered the state to Governor Lalong in 2015 to become governor as being claimed?

This assertion was not true. It wasn’t them, but the Plateau of people themselves who were tired of what was happening in the state as at that time Senator Jang was the governor. They didn’t work for Lalong to become governor as they are claiming today. Tapgun and his cohorts belong to  the Reformed Peoples Democratic Party  faction of his party on the Plateau  .  There was no statement made by this group to the effect that the people of the state should vote for APC on the Plateau. Governor Lalong came on board as Plateau Project as it was Plateau people that teamed up and voted for him as a result of the undoing of the Peoples Democratic Party in the state.  These group of people claiming to have brought Lalong to power, I’ not sure they voted for Lalong during the 2015 governorship election. It was the people of Plateau that made Governor Lalong’s dream come true.

What is your reaction to the claim of the opposition to the effect that Governor Lalong’s regime succeeded in rescuing the team players  in the government and not the people of the state?

That is what they would always say. If they don’t say something like this, I will be surprised. What is worrisome to me is: Should it be now that we should know that  opposition figures like  Senator Jang and the PDP leaders never wished  Governor Lalong well? They never thought in their wild imagination that things would turn the way they have seen it in the state. These political gladiators are sounding like drowning men. They have made so many allegations against the government of Governor Lalong in the last one and half years without backing them up with concrete evidence.  At the appropriate time, we will come out to tell the people what the present Rescue government has done on the Plateau to better their lives. The people know the truth.

Can you confirm that the present government  is on Rescue mission in the state?

Yes, let me confirm this to you that Lalong government is on Rescue mission. Right now, the Rescue government has succeeded in bringing peace to parts of the state. There is no week in recent months that people have not come from outside Plateau to hold conferences, seminars and workshops in Jos, the Plateau State capital. Night life was dead under the last dispensation. But now, night life has come alive in Jos Tin City and other parts of the state. Go to AVIS and several places in Jos and see what goes on in the night.
Ask the people of the state in various local government councils to tell you whether they are being rescued or not by the present administration. Construction of federal and state roads is ongoing. They started some of these roads. But, we are the ones completing them for the benefit of the people of the state.
The government has just advertised 17 roads to be constructed in parts of the state. By the time we built these 17 roads, when they go to the villages and tell the people that we are not rescuing them, the people will know what to tell them. The roads in  local government councils will be  given facelift. Before now, people were crying and mourning in parts of the state because of the crisis that was going on. But now, all those things have become history.  Let me ask you? When last do you hear of bomb blast in Jos?