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Lagos Ultimatum To Okada And Tricycle Operators

Posted: Jul 5, 2015 at 12:39 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The recent 21 days ultimatum by Lagos State government to commercial motorcycle and tricycle operators requesting them to strictly obey the guidelines for motorcycle and tricycle operation in Lagos State, as stipulated in Section 3 and Regulation 16 Sub-Sections 4, 5 and 6 of the Road Traffic Law, which restrict such vehicles from certain roads in the State is a welcome development.

Okada, Tricycle Riders To Quit Lagos Highways

Okada, Tricycle Riders To Quit Lagos Highways

There is no doubt that with this directive, Lagos State Government is trying to forestall a return to the days when several people met premature deaths while some were maimed for life because of motor bike accidents. The truth is that these commercial motor bikes and tricycles do not have the capacity to ply those specific routes. Besides, many miscreants use them as quick get-away after committing crimes.

We support the new government’s motive, because, though the law might not be palatable, the bike riders have no reasons for traffic misdemeanor. However, we also believe that the government should proffer alternatives when taking decisions that will affect people’s livelihood. The previous government failed in the aspect that it did not offer another option to redeem the blankness that some of these breadwinners were faced with, when they could no longer operate in the restricted areas.

Considering the fact that inadequate means of quality transportation, travel time and the stress of waiting for buses that take  aeon, put a lot of pressure on commuters, causing them to patronise forms of transportation that might be considered unsafe, the government should become even more creative about finding permanent alternative solutions that will help people to willingly shun the use of bikes and tricycles. The Bus Rapid Transportation (BRT) buses that were introduced by the immediate past administration are gradually becoming ‘Molues’ in view of the fact that they are no longer well maintained. Recall that when these buses were launched by the government, it promised to replace the popular ‘Danfo’ buses with more befitting vehicles. That promise is still hanging and there are no signs of implementation.

The separate lanes created for BRT buses have actually helped to facilitate movement in the areas where they are available, but the same cannot be said for areas where they do not exist. Commuters in these areas are made to go through untold traffic induced stress that sometimes leads to health challenges.

Indeed, it is baffling that while many Lagos roads are wider than many roads in some countries in Europe, the state government has not thought of introducing Trams to move more people than a BRT busload of people at a time.

Certainly, for the guidelines to achieve their desired results, there should be a provision for suitable and adequate alternative means of transportation by the state government. That way, the people would avoid Okada and Tricycle.