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The Lagos State Law On Taxi Regulations

Posted: Jun 7, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The Lagos State House of Assembly recently passed the Road Traffic Regulations on Taxi Operation in Lagos State. The law is expected to further enhance section 40 of the Traffic laws, which regulate commercial transportation in Lagos State. It stipulates that apart from meeting the requirements of section 40 of the Traffic laws, all taxi operators should register their details with the Ministry of Transportation and be issued with a license that would have several embedded features such as the photograph of the owner, name, address and fingerprints before being allowed to drive taxis in Lagos State. 

No doubt this law by the State Assembly is geared towards sanitising the services rendered by Taxi drivers in the state. This Newspaper understands the need for the government to ensure the safety of citizens resident in Lagos State. However, we hope that the execution of the law would be given a human face, to prevent exploitation of the very citizens it is meant to protect by some unscrupulous law enforcement agents.

Certainly a lot of enlightenment needs to be done by the government to ensure that people in the Taxi business or are interested in owning Taxis are informed and also an alternative provided so that those who have to commute, especially late at night, would not have to bear the brunt of a ban on private operators known as ‘kabukabu’.

We applaud the fact that the Lagos State Government has promised to ensure that once it is able to regulate the operations of the Taxi drivers, it would guarantee access to loans by the drivers and hope that the promise becomes a reality. The criteria and information on how to access the loans should be made available so that those who are interested could work towards meeting such criteria.

Experience has shown that in Nigeria, making laws is not as difficult as the implementation, because if the tempo set by the administration of former Governor, Lateef Jakande had been maintained, there would not have been the need to keep looking for how to curb the use of Taxis for nefarious activities. That administration succeeded in getting all Taxi drivers to change their taxi colours to yellow with black stripes and meet several other criteria as stipulated by the laws guiding the operation of public transportation at the time.

As it is, we believe that the problem of Lagos is not more laws, but as much as how well existing laws are enforced. Rather than create more laws, we suggest that more time be expended teaching the Highway Code to reduce lawlessness on Lagos roads.