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Lack Of Marriage Management Skill, Cause Of Marital Failure – Pastor Adewale

Posted: Oct 1, 2016 at 4:50 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)


Chinyere Abiaziem


Senior Pastor of Family Boosters Ministries, Pastor Bisi Adewale has traced the root cause of marital failure to the lack of management skills by couples.
The marriage expert made this known during the fourth Single and Married Conference, themed -‘Marriage of My Dream’, held last Sunday at the National Stadium.
Having carried out a research on why many unions hit the rock barely two or three years of consummation, Adewale said he was able to discover that many individuals lacked the management skills needed to make marriage successful.
“I discovered that many good people are having bad marriages. Very good people in church, very good people at work and among your colleagues you see fantastic guys, girls in the office but you can just hear about their marriage crashing after two or three years.
“So, I began to think; nobody goes into marriage with the thought of having a bad marriage. I went into a research to find out what it is that is causing marriage problems. I discovered that it is lack of skill, absence of management skill.
“When you are very good in the office you learn management of men, management of money or management of material. Incidentally, few pay attention to management of marriage. That is why we put this programme together, to talk about the ‘Marriage of My Dream.”
At this time of economic recession in the country, he advised families to learn to place more value on prudent spending instead of being ‘rain spenders’.
“Families should not allow recession to come into your family. Recession is personal; it may not touch your family. Let us change the way we handle money. I published a book, ‘Money Management in Marriage’ about middle of last year when I noticed what was happening in the society. In fact, I told my people in the office that Jonathan was not our problem, Buhari is not our problem, and something is fundamentally wrong with Nigeria.
“In fact, if we change everybody in government today and bring new people we are still likely to have the same problem that we are having today. This is because our values are wrong, even the way we manage money in our families is very wrong.
“The truth is if you don’t manage money well in your marriage or family you will squander government money if you get the chance to public office. We are rain spenders. Rain spenders in the sense that when rain is falling heavily and I want to wash my handkerchief, I can use one gallon of water to wash it; I won’t remember that I need to prepare against the dry season,” Adewale stated.
He went ahead to also counsel government officials in terms of cutting down unnecessary spending and allowances as a way out of recession instead of nodding over the sale of public assets.