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Kingdom Men: Building Responsible Nigerian Christian Men 

L-R, Pastors Daniel Ifabiyi, Abiodun Adedipe and Remi Akano at the February Men’s Breakfast Roundtable held by the Kingdom Men at Isolo, Lagos.
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It was a bright Saturday morning on February 20, 2016. Time was An expansive Fast Food along Mushin Road, Isolo, Lagos, was a beehive. Men from all walks of life thronged the venue for the Men’s Breakfast Roundtable of Kingdom Men, which held there between and 12 noon that day.
The day’s event with the theme Men For Such a Time As This attracted such attention not only because of the happenings in the economic and political spheres of the nation, but also because one of the guest speakers, Dr. Abiodun Adedipe, a renowned former World Bank’s strategist economist and former Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the President on Financial Sector Development during the early days of President Goodluck Jonathan administration, is a crowd puller any day due to the depth with which he handles socio-economic issues at public forum.
Apart from being a renowned policy analyst and a reverend, Adedipe, who also heads his own consulting firm, is a top pastor with Christ Chapel International Church (CCIC). The second speaker, Dr. Olanrewaju Daniel Ifabiyi, also a reverend and no less a powerful speaker, is the Vice Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Isolo area, and also a minister with the ECWA, Mushin, Lagos.
The Visioner of Kingdom Men and Chief Host of the event, Remi  Akano, is not only a pastor with CCIC, he is also a veteran journalist and policy analyst, whose views count any time any day. To have these men under one roof to handle the chosen topic of the day meant that strong views would really emanate from the forum which would touch lives of the attendees.
Akano in his brief remark stated that the Kingdom Men is a Bible-based independent ministry which partners with churches to raise men for the kingdom of God. He said the ministry assists men become better as husbands, fathers and citizens. This it does through the regular Men’s Breakfast, the Men’s mega Summit which holds yearly as well as Men’s Study Groups which meet at different places in cell format.
He added that the ministry, through all these fora, encourages men to live accountable lives as “We believe that if you fix the men, you fix Nigeria. Look at the Dasukigate. How many women are named in the $2.1 billion arms deal scandal? They are all men.”
Akano maintained that ‘Change’ which Nigerians desire, like ‘Change’ everywhere, is painful and comes through struggles, saying that “We seem to be in such times. Things are difficult. School fees are unpaid. Many things we want done are not. One may begin to wonder why we are men as people are helpless and are struggling.”
As Akano sat down, the men had been aroused enough for what was coming. As Dr. Ifabiyi stood up to speak, there was indeed a pin-drop silence. 
He maintained that Nigerian men are suffering from problem of identity as they find it difficult to identify with the things of God. He lamented that Nigerian men crave for money and do not spend time to pray, even as many no longer have what he termed “accountability partners.” He however applauded the Christian men in the North Eastern part of Nigeria, who he stressed identified with Christ even with the Boko Haram insurgency.
 “Let people know your identity. Let people know who you are. We do not need to deny our faith. If we do not identify with Christ, we lay a faulty foundation. Today, people seek only for prayers for the solution of their problems, without thinking of the word of God.
“We need men to stand in the gap now that corruption envelopes the nation and ministries. Now, if money does not change hands, nothing happens.”
Referring to how Mordecai in the Bible worked for the enthronement of the orphan girl, Esther, for the time of the deliverance of the Jews, Ifabiyi posited: “God placed you at your place for a time like this. We should encourage ourselves.” He therefore appealed to the Nigerian men to be like Mordecai.
He also lamented men’s thirst for power and the urge to occupy vital positions even when they have nothing to offer, saying that people have been destroying others for power while others are initiated to several things.
He urged men not to bow to pressures, especially from their wives, rather, they should have discerning spirit. He also called on men to stand for the truth, even at the cost of their lives.
Then it was the turn of Dr.  Adedipe to speak. Most of the men adjusted themselves on their seats when he uttered, “What Nigeria is undergoing now is like the pains of birth. Nigerians are transiting from bondage to freedom. The Israelites were uncomfortable in Egypt. They were also uncomfortable in the wilderness.”
Adedipe opined that for a time as this, the Nigerian men should be problem solvers. He referred to the business mogul, Aliko Dangote,  who he described as a problem solver. 
“Dangote was only a trader. He was travelling, on that particular day, Archbishop Benson Idahosa was travelling and there was only one seat. Being a young man, he offered his seat to the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, who blessed him. That is how he sowed his seed for prosperity. We need men who can make sacrifices.”

Answering questions, Adedipe insisted that Nigeria is where it is today because “We did not do what we should have done. When the economy was growing we did not create jobs and now 74.4 per cent of Nigerians are underemployed.” He maintained that if the government can fix power, the issue of unemployment will be half solved as the country is filled with people with entrepreneurial skills.