Kaduna Govt To Provide Temporary Accommodation As Tremor Frightens Residents Out Of Community | Independent Newspapers Limited
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Kaduna Govt To Provide Temporary Accommodation As Tremor Frightens Residents Out Of Community

Posted: Sep 21, 2016 at 7:40 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Nkasiobi Oluikpe.

LAGOS – The Kaduna State government has planned to provide temporary accommodation in other places for residents of communities affected by the ongoing tremor in some parts of Kaduna State.

The chairman of Jaba Local Government Area in the State, Ben Kure stated this, while appealing to residents to remain calm.

However, the plea appears not to have any impact as residents, who do not want to be taken unaware, keep moving away in droves, despite the presence of Geologists and the assurance of calmness.

Kure, who noted that the incident was the first of its kind in the state, lamented that the delay in providing answer to the youths in the affected communities, have compelled them to flee their residence.

The council boss appealed to the Federal Government to intervene in order not to lose the youths, who he said were good farmers.

“This is the very first time we are experiencing this. The Jama tradition, which is regarded as North Teracuta heritage dates back to 500BC. We have never had that kind of thing in the history; this is the very first time this is happening.

“We have restive youths who came from the localities to the Emir’s Palace, demanding for a solution, they are so restless. A good number of them have left. These are the youths that are farming. If a good number of them are moving away, and with the dwindling economic situation, while our focus is on agriculture, then we foresee a very serious and precarious situation in the future”, he said

Kure stressed that government has to focus on the situation, arrest and nip it in the bud, so that the young men can be rest assured that government is up to the task.

This, he said, will help in forestalling any civil catastrophe.

He remarked that some are already having a mental trauma as their states of mind are no longer stable.

“They need a solution to this, that is what our people are calling for and we are appealing that something drastic happens.

“We have used the social media to appeal to them, local radio, TV, appealing to youth. They keep on asking if their land was going down. We tell them that government was bringing experts and they should be calm”, he said

However, men of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) are said to be ground to forestall any emergency situation.

Speaking further, Kure indicated that over 300 houses already have cracks from outside as a result of the tremor.

He said: “If we have more intense vibration, we foresee buildings going down because we know quite a few buildings that have already suffered cracks from down to top.

“That is why we are calling for more detailed investigations, so that we know if we are to begin to move. Let the Federal Government come along side with the state government, so that we know how many people will be resettled and how they will be catered for. For now, we keep appealing to them to remain calm.”

He remarked that it is mind boggling as within 96 hours, they have already experienced 16 vibrations. I don’t think it’s a mistake or fluke, he said.

“It is something that is real and becoming consistent. We don’t know how long it will end. We do not know the depth of the intensity. We need support. I am aware that officials of Geophysics and Geodynamics have reported to Jama LGA”, he stressed.

However, the Director, Centre for Geodesy and Geodynamics, Jos, Dr. Tahir Abubakar has advised the Federal Government to set up an investigation team on the structural system to ascertain the extent of impact.

He also called for proper and early planning to avert possible dangers.

He, however, said: “We need to find out where such a thing is prone to happen and quickly give early warning, and tell people to leave those areas. We do not need to build sky scrapers and high rise building in such areas, especially where such things are likely to happen.”