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Jimi Sholanke Returns With ‘Once Upon A Time’

Posted: Sep 12, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Many watched Tales By Moonlight as children and the values it thought still remain with them till today. It was both fun and educative at the same time. No child in the eighties dare miss the show. But the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) finally pulled the plug on the show. We also remember Jimi Sholanke on Storyland with his guitar telling tales and singing songs to children.

Well, children of today will not be missing out as Jimi Sholanke is back. The Master Storyteller, Legendary Jimi Solanke, returns to television in a grand style doing what he knows to do best, telling stories. He is in the new show titled Once Upon A Time, produced by Glass House Entertainment.

Once Upon A Time is a 30 minutes African storytelling television show that aims at bringing the rich African storytelling tradition and culture to life, where children from different parts of a village come together at the setting of the sun just to listen to a storyteller narrate interesting and at the same time educational fairy tales.

Once Upon A Time is shot in a modern-traditional style and aims at reminding Africans of the roots of their culture. It also aims at bringing childhood memories to life. The primary purpose of the show is to educate its audience as well as entertain them. ONCE UPON A TIME is a show that everyone anywhere, both young and old, would want to run home to sit in front of their television to watch.

The major target audience of Once Upon A Time are the African children, to help them relate with the intriguing yet educational part of the African culture. The show would also be found captivating by the African youths and adults, being able to share memories with their young ones, thus bringing a smile to everyone’s face.