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Jibril Calls Dogara ‘Shameless Fraud’ As Speaker Demands Public Apology

Posted: Jul 28, 2016 at 6:12 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The ongoing controversy in the House of Representatives over allegations and counter-allegations of corruption between Hon. Abdulmumin Jibril on one hand and the principal officers of the House, especially Speaker Yakubu Dogara, on the other hand, took another turn on Thursday when the Speaker demanded a public apology and retraction of all the allegations from Jibril, former chairman of the Finance and Appropriation Committee, within seven days.

In a statement issued in Abuja through Turaki Hassan, his Special Adviser on Media and Public Affairs, Dogara said if after seven days Jibril fails to apologise, he would seek redress in court. The demand was also communicated to Jibril in a letter, Hassan said.

Similarly, Hon. Abdulrasak Namdas, chairman, House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, in support of Dogara and the principal officers of the House, stated that Jibril’s mishandling of the 2016 budget nearly fractured the cordial relationship between the National Assembly and the Executive.

Jibril, who represents  Kiru/Bebeji constituency of Kano State, has declared that there would not be any apology from him as he stands by his allegations and has documents to back his claims.

Speaking through his Twitter social media account @AbdulAbmJ, he said, “I will not and will never apologize to a shameless fraud in high office who has glaringly abused public trust like Speaker Dogara and three others.

“I know he will rush to court in order to invoke the House rules that matters in court cannot be heard on the floor.

“I have responded to their allegations. Rather than respond to mine, he is rushing to court. I stand by my allegations and will not withdraw them.”

The indignant lawmaker, who was removed as chair of the appropriation committee recently, said Dogara and his ilk in the National Assembly have continued to turn a blind eye to the fact that “the law is not intended to protect corrupt people. It is such a shame.”

He added, “I am happy to announce that my lawyers have officially approached the EFCC and the ICPC towards working out a date for me to personally submit my petition against Speaker Yakubu Dogara, Deputy Speaker Yusuf Lasun, Whip Alhassan Doguwa and Minority Leader Leo Ogor.

“I believe once a date is agreed with the anti-corruption agencies, we would have begun the process of making these characters pay for abusing their office.”

Vowing to continue the fight until Dogara and others are removed, Jibril said, “When a new Speaker emerges and the other principal officers replaced, I will write to the presiding officers of both chambers to commence a radical internal reform in the entire NASS beyond budget to cover performance assessment, running cost and allowances, investigations, etc.

“If the reform so done on NASS is not made public latest by December, I shall take it up and lay before the general public even if I am alone.

“The idea is to do a cleanup, flush out corruption and corrupt members so that in 2019 only corruption-free people who want to serve will come in.

“God Almighty knows I am not perfect but as I approach 40 years in September, I have always wondered what is it that I can live and die for.”