Int’l Passengers’ Volume Drops By 27.93% In Q2 Of 2015 – NBS | Independent Newspapers Limited
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Int’l Passengers’ Volume Drops By 27.93% In Q2 Of 2015 – NBS

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The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has said that the volume of air passengers that used Nigeria’s international airports in the second quarter of 2015 has dropped by 27.93 per cent.

According to the travel statistic released by NBS the traffic on the international routes dropped by 406,369 passengers from quarter one, which comprises of January, February and March of the same year to 1,048,598 passengers in quarter two made up of April, May and June.

On the other hand, the Bureau disclosed that it statistics indicated that domestic air travel recorded a marginal rise quarter on quarter, with 16,752 or 0.71 percent more passengers travelling in quarter two.

The NBS stated that this resulted to 2,374,479 domestically bound passengers representing 69.37 percent of the total number of passengers, up by 7.53 percent points from the preceding quarter, yet down by 1.35 percent points from Q2 of 2014.

Year on year, both domestic and international passenger volume, NBS stated were lower, with 73,492 or 6.55 percent fewer international passengers and 335,908 or 12.39 percent fewer domestic passengers relative to the corresponding quarter of the preceding year.

The Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA) Lagos, the Bureau said continued to dominate domestic passenger volume in the quarter, with 936,029 passengers representing 39.42 percent of the Q2 2015 total.

This is despite recording passenger traffic lower than in Q2 of 2014, with year on year growth of 70,758 passengers or -7.03 percent, quarterly volumes were up with a rise of 39,505 passengers or 4.41 percent from the preceding quarter.

The Bureau added that the Nnamdi Azikwe Airport (NAA), Abuja with the second greatest portion of Q2 domestic passenger traffic at 33.15 percent of the total, showed a similar trend.

The 787,067 domestically bound passengers travelling through the airport in Q2 represented a decline of 58,176 passengers or 6.88 percent year on year, yet a rise of 22,698 passengers or 2.97 percent from the preceding quarter.

According to NBS, the only airports that recorded positive year on year growth were Katsina, increasing by 668 passengers or 319.62 percent, Owerri, increased by 9,243 passengers or 11.12 percent and Yola, increasing by 1,121 passengers or 3.09 percent.

The greatest quarterly passenger growth NBS stated was recorded for Ibadan Airport; where an additional 10,249 or 222.08 percent more passengers travelled in Q2 against quarter one, increasing the total from 4,615 passengers to 14,864.