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I Inherited Cake Baking Skill From My Mother -Mrs Adesola

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Adesola Edeh is the Chief Executive Officer of Cream-it-all Cakes and confectioneries, a business concern which has taken the life of its own a decade after kickstarting the business. In this interview with Olamide Bakare, she speaks about  some of the challenges, gains and the hope going forward.

Meeting Adesola for the first time gave little or no inkling into what this personality embodies. At first glance, you would think she is someone who does not know her onions as far as discharging whatever responsibility fall on her lap. But on a quick interaction, you find that she is somebody who understands all the nitty gritty involved in business particularly cake baking. Such was evident when this reporter met her in her office. At the time when this reporter met with her, it was obvious she was engrossed in the art of business as she could hardly find time to entertain any visitor who came knocking. While speaking on the journey to entrepreneurship and the attraction towards the business, Adesola explained that it was informed by her love for creativity.

Adesola Edeh

Adesola Edeh

She said” I have been in this business for almost a decade now. I started 10 years ago .I have always love cake baking. I grew my interest long time ago while I was still in secondary school. I started learning the vocation through my mother who was involved in cake baking as a means of support for the family. Having graduated from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun state where I studied Computer Science, I thought it was wise to go in search for white-collar job. After a long search I eventually got a job as a computer scientist. I worked with Allied Computers for 8 years before I finally resigned to start confectioneries business full scale”
With a commitment to see through her passion, Adesola took a step further by establishing a business on cakes and confectionery eight years after graduation.

She said” I have always had passion for it since when I was younger. One of the things that has kept me more attracted to cake baking is the skill or creativity, which you are able to deploy while undertaking any task handed to you. It started when I was still in my teens precisely during my secondary school days. In actual fact, I took after my mother because I was influenced by the creativity deployed by her. I began the business while I was in the university. I had some of couple of clients who were really thrilled by my craft. In 2005, I established the business full scale at Egbeda a suburb in Lagos, Thereafter, I moved to Ogba.

No business thrives without surmounting one challenge or the other. Adesola spoke extensively on some of the challenges.
She said” One major problem that is not peculiar to small-scale business but other businesses in Nigeria is the issue of power supply. Quite frankly, the situation today is quite worrisome. I think something urgent need to be done. Besides, fuel scarcity has contributed more to our woes. Added to this, is the exchange rate, which has left price of raw materials or ingredients at an all time high. So, therefore, the price of cake is always fluctuating. What we spend on fuel alone on daily basis cannot accommodate the little profit we make in the business”.

“The other challenge is the not-so friendly nature of some customers which at times affecting business growth. Sometimes, it cannot be frustrating dealing with some set of customers. But above all, you need to learn how to manage them because customer is king. As a businessperson, you must learn to treat your customers the same. No matter what the customers tell you, you must keep apologizing”.

Doing business of this kind will require a huge fund, no doubt. How was he able to raise capital for the businessAdesola gave account of how she used meager sum to grow what has become a big growing concern running into millions of naira.

She said” I may not be able put an actual figure on the initial capital invested, but I know it hovers within the range of 45,000 and 50,000 naira. It was basically for the few types of equipment because my father offered me a space to start the business.
The actual worth of the business is 5million naira. I thank God that the business has grown tremendously.”
For a business that has been on for a while, it is natural to expect a significant growth; Adesola expressed delight at the turn of event for the business. She is however of the belief that with the trends of things, the business will witness massive growth in a matter of time
She notes” We have been able to pay our bills, the employee.

Aside, we train students on catering services. As at the last count, 10 students have graduated with one of them now doing well running the business of her own.We have been able to retain virtually all our clients, an indication that the business is growing.


Also, we have been able to afford all our expenses around the business. We have been having increasing level of patronage year in year out”. Does she require support from government on this line of business, Areola nodded in the affirmative as she also sought for financial support for other small-scale entrepreneurs?
She said” Government should intervene in bringing the perennial problem of electricity to the end. In this kind of business, you cannot run it successfully without power supply. Even when there are back-ups, fuel scarcity is not helping matter. Government can also assist by granting some scale business owners loans that are of low interest rate”
. Advising aspiring entrepreneurs on the need to be focused in actualizing their dream, Areola urged them to be resolute stating that perseverance remains the key to success in any business.
She states” A room is not built in a day. The big business of today went through a lot of patches before arriving at its present state. So, we must understand that challenges are an integral part of any business that hopes to survive and become big.
Apart from that, you need to be focused and resilient to survive in today’s business world”