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How INEC disenfranchised voters in Ogbomoso North

Posted: Apr 8, 2015 at 4:10 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

It was a bitter experience that I fell a victim of INEC’s mendacious and prevarications order for not collecting  my children’s personal voter’s cards before the spurious closing date for the collection.

When the news came that we should register last year November, I enforced my children to come from their various schools and register for the  voter’s card.

It was hectic having them registered. Not minding the money I expended in mobilising them for the exercise, yet I had to be personally involved before we were able to record some appreciable success.

Personally, I felt as if the INEC in Ogbomoso North was acting out a script by making the exercise cumbersome so as to frustrate the potential voters from registering.

Many potential registers were devastated having spent days without success, until our involvement that brought sanity to the process in our registration centre. That was the experience of many people in Ogbomoso in their respective polling units, which later resulted in low registration; where Ogbomoso North is having about 56,000 registered voters which is less than 10% of the population.

Unfortunately, the major political gladiators lent a little helping hands to the exercise which may have telling effect on our collective future electoral values if we exhibit lower registration figures.

It was unfortunate how we played into the gallery by not been determined to register, because of little hitch and hiccup, many were devastated and never bothered to register again. While many thousands that registered did see their names again in the final lists of registered voters released by INEC for the second time, making them to suffer for INEC’s inefficiency in Ogbomoso North . Anyway, it looks deliberate and intentional.

The question was why did INEC made it tedious for the people of Ogbomoso to register if there was no sinister purpose behind the scenes during the registration period?

Was it an attempt to disenfranchise the people because of some reasons best known to INEC In Ogbomoso?

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was the horrendous ways INEC  used to distribute the PVCs before the expiration date.. This resulted in many people not getting their PVCs  of  which my children were victims.

Before the expiration date, I went to INEC office to inform them of my children pvc and I was given assurance that they would release the PVC to them anytime they are around.. But to my utmost disappointment, when we went for the collection of the PVCs , I was shocked to hear that the PVCs that were yet to be collected have been deposited  at their state headquarters office at Ibadan.

I made frantic efforts to find out the rational behind the policy, but no cogent reason was adduced to their action , only that they acted on the order from above.

The concern is why taking our PVCs to Ibadan and disenfranchised over 5,000 registers from Ogbomoso North alone. Was it a conspiracy against voters in Ogbomoso, or were the cards rented out to political highest bidders at Ibadan to boost their voting chances at the expense and detriment of Ogbomoso voters. There is much to the story than meets the eye. I suspected a foul play and I’m definitely sure posterity will judge the collaborators.

As the nation awaits the gubernatorial and states assembly elections next weekend,  it would be apposite and advisable for INEC to give the PVCs to their owners and allow them to vote for their preferred candidates so as to add credibility to the efforts of INEC and provide a level playing field in allowing people to exercise their civil responsibility in Ogbomoso North.


•Mark  Debo Taiwo

Takie, Ogbomoso