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I’M Not The Owner of Borisa Nigeria Limited, E- Money

Posted: Mar 26, 2016 at 7:42 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)
Boss of Five Star Records, Emeka Okonkwo has debunked insinuations making the rounds that he is the owner of Borisa Nigeria Limited.
According to Okonkwo, Borisa Nigeria Limited is owned by Chief Boniface Nworisa who was once his boss.
Sometime back, the media was awash with a story credited to a national newspaper where Okonkwo was said to be the owner of Borisa Nigeria Limited.
The said publication was a research work without the direct input of E-Money. However,  E-Money’s friend erroneously gave that information which turned out to be false leading to a legal battle between E-Money, Chief Nworisa, and the media house involved.
Reacting to the publication, E-Money said “I saw it. When I went through it, I laughed because first, I didn’t grant any interview. Actually, I worked with him. The said publication also quoted as saying that I established the company in 1997.  In 1997, I was still in school. I cannot imagine myself still in school and at the same time claiming ownership of another person’s company. Everyone knew when I finished and graduated. As I earlier said, I worked with him but I am not the owner of the company.”
Furthermore, he said “the man in question is like an uncle to me. He is my in-law married to my sister. He is a family person but I don’t know why he is filing all those law suits. I’m just surprised about the whole thing. We have met and discussed about it over a bottle of wine and we have resolved as family. We invited relations and family members. It was a mistake and we have met for about three times now. I did all these to clear the air and correct the impression that I actually worked for him and not that I owned his company. I worked with him for seven and half years and I left in 2005.”
On why Chief Nworisa is still suing him despite his effort at making peace he said “I don’t really know what to say on that. There is no issue. The major thing is that I left his office. I am a serious material in our field, probably he wasn’t happy seeing me leaving his office at that particular time and I cannot help it. I need to grow. I believe in peace. It is good to make peace, let’s give peace a chance. If he refuses to make peace, we will take it to God in prayers.  I have met him and pleaded to forgive me if I had done anything wrong to him previously. If you feel that I am a prodigal son, accept me back like a prodigal son. I left his office without a pin. The valuable thing in my hand then was a port pass and I dropped it and left”, he said.