I’m On A Journey To Place Nigerian Made Shoes On The World Map – Chibuzor | Independent Newspapers Limited
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I’m On A Journey To Place Nigerian Made Shoes On The World Map – Chibuzor

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Bosah Chibuzor Felix traded his computer science knowledge for making bespoke men’s shoes. His shoe company, Pushxclusive is one of the thriving Nigerian brands in the country and well recognized by celebrities. In this interview with Ifeoma Ononye, he tells why the ‘Nigerian made’ cliché hardly affect his brand.

There is this perception Nigerians have about Nigerian made products not being up to standard, how do you battle with that?

Bosah Chibuzor Felix

Bosah Chibuzor Felix

One thing I know is that we stick to is our quality. We do not lower our quality no matter what. The image of the brand catches the customers first because we do a lot of advertising. People cannot help it when they see good stuff. They recognize and they want to buy. It is when they ask the country where the shoe is from that they find out that it is actually made in Nigeria. Though they have their doubt, but they still try it out and see that it is a good product.


So you do not lower the standard even if it means that a pair of shoe may cost N100, 000?

Yes, we cannot lower our standards, if not it will become another substandard made shoe out there. There is no price tag to quality.


What inspired the debut of pushxclusive shoe brand?


The debut of Pushxclusive was inspired by God and my passion for acquiring credible footwears, and also the need to change the perception of fashion oriented individuals towards our home made products and to ultimately place the Nigerian shoe industry on the world map.


How did you come about the brand name?

The brand name came through God to be honest. I kept hitting walls trying to come up with a name that’s catchy and trendy. After all said and done, I went to God in prayers in need of direction as how to go about it. hence the word “PUSH” sufficed, and unknown to me it meant “Pray until something Happens”, so in other words I prayed until PUSH happened!


Men shoes always have a similar look, what is unique about your brand?

Every designer should be identified with a distinct feature or look. We at Pushxclusive came up with a signature cut (from its inception) for our bespoke velvet and fabric slippers, which is a one sided patterned cut, which has become widely known and accepted by the market because of its uniqueness; and to add to this, we took it upon ourselves to build a standard (QC) through our luxurious leather/crepe soles, quality fabrics, outstanding finishing, precision and attention to details, hence distinguishing the brand from all others.


Are they strictly works shoes?

No they are not based solely on corporate work shoes. Our products ranges from a variety of bespoke footwears to serve the various classes of individuals both locally and internationally e.g velvet slippers, leather loafers, dress shoes, both formal and informal.


Are they hand made or factory made shoes?

Each and every one of Pushxclusive designs is handmade with the aid of just a few industrial machines for efficency and proper precision in detailing, like stitching machines, filling machines, skiiving machines etc.


Are they made here in Nigeria or abroad then shipped down?

Push is a home based brand, hence every product is produced locally ready for exportation and not the other way round.


It is said that celebrities are crazy about the shoe right now, why do you think they do?

A Lot of men both home based and international love Pushxclusive bespoke shoes, may be because of our flexibility and versatility towards meeting their unique wants in respect to custom fitting and custom branding. For example branding can come in personalized logos and initials, while custom fitting can come for irregular shoe sizes.

Our shoes are basically for the urban minded individual, The pace setter, the trendy, the stylish man, the elegant, and every man who desires quality and comfort. Now there is no age limit to our market but if we are to tag an age limit it would be from 10-60 years of age, for age is not a prerequisite for style. And this makes it for both young and old alike.


Noticed some of them have a little of the brogue design, is this part of your design or pattern?

The brogue design is an outstanding pattern for elites and men of high level of class, and we at Pushxclusive are concerned about providing such service, so we would say that not only is the brogue a signatory for some of our design patterns but a wide range of other unique patterns. its all about the creative mind.


What is so special about brogue shoes that drive men crazy?

The brogues speak class. Commands respect when worn because of its high level of detailing, precision, cut, stitching, finishing and balance. The brogue design has been way before the oxfords, derby’s, velvet slippers. It’s a vintage worn by notable men and it’s craft is one of a kind. Hence every fashionista craves to own a pair of Brogue design to his sartorial.


So in most cases, the love for the shoes has nothing to do with how expensive the shoes are?

To some extent, it does.


So, tell us about yourself. 

My name is Bosah Chibuzor Felix and I am the creative director of Pushxclusive limited, makers of handmade bespoke foot wears. I am A graduate of Lagos state university and majored in computer science. I Hail from the eastern part of Nigeria, Anambra state to be precise. I am the last child of a family of 5.


From computer science to shoemaking, what is the connection?

I delved into this venture (shoe designing) in the year 2011 because of the need to optimize my talent, which is the ability or the concept of creating designs from little or nothing, and transforming it to become a masterpiece. Coupled with the status of the shoe industry, the need to change its perception, improve on it became my concern. The labour market as we all know isn’t friendly at all; hence acquiring a job is not something to write home about.

Now with these and many more reasons I decided to channel my passion and craft with the grace of God, into a profiting venture that will ultimately lead to the demise of inferiority towards the perception of Nigerian made products and the birth of superiority in the Nigerian shoe industry.