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I’ll Quit If I Can’t Beat Klitschko, Says Fury

Posted: Sep 16, 2015 at 12:14 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Compiled by Steve Oma-Ofozor,


Tyson Fury still unbeaten (24-0, 18 KOs) has not changed his intention to retire from active boxing if he loses to IBF/IBO/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion, Wladimir Klitschko (64-3, 53 KOs) in their fight billed for ESPRIT Arena in Dusseldorf, Germany in October 24, 2015.

Fury, 27 and 6’9”,  believed that there will be no reason he should continue fighting if he cannot beat the 39-year-old Klitschko, who clearly is not going to be too long in the sport at his age.

“If I can’t beat Klitschko, then I’m going nowhere,” Fury said to IFL TV. “I don’t want to be another expletive idiot trying to win a world title and losing, losing and losing.

“If I can’t beat this man then what’s the point of me continuing in boxing? I’m not fighting a 25-year-old spring chicken, am I? I’m fighting a man who is 40-years-old and at the end of his career.

“If I can’t beat him then I can’t beat him. I won’t be boxing anymore; not unless I get offered a lot of money to fight somebody else. Then I will be doing it,” Fury said.

However, there is doubt about Fury’s retirement talk, because he once admitted he will continue to fight after he loses to Klitschko if he’s offered a whole bunch of money by someone to fight.

According to a boxing analyst Scott Gilfoid, “It’s pretty obvious that someone will come out of the woodwork to give Fury an offer for a fight if for no other reason to have him market the fight with his trash talking.

“I think Fury could eventually become a valuable journeyman level guy if he starts losing left and right to the likes of Klitschko, Deontay Wilder, Alexander Povetkin, David Haye and Anthony Joshua. I think that might be his eventual destiny at some point once he starts losing left and right.”

“Klitschko will be Fury’s first opponent with the size to actually plant big shots on his chin over and over again. That’s not going to be good for Fury because he has nothing to answer Klitschko back with in terms of power. I mean, Fury is just a slapper, and those kind of fighters don’t do well against a guy like Klitschko.

Gilfoid concluded that, “At nearly 40, Wladimir is ready to be beaten and sent into retirement by someone, but Fury may not be the one to do the job on him.”

Thus, Klitschko and Wilder are being previewed to meet if he able to  get Fury out of his way in short order next month.