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I’ll Raise Motion For Cut In NASS Members’ Pay –Ben Bruce

Posted: May 12, 2015 at 8:55 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Ekene Okoro –  Lagos


Senator-Elect and Chairman of Silverbird Group, Ben Murray Bruce, on Monday promised to lead a campaign for his colleagues in the eighth National Assembly to endorse a massive pay cut he believes would end the era of jumbo pay for federal lawmakers.

Presently, members of the National Assembly earn about N355 million per annum, an amount that would take an average Nigerian worker at least 1600 years to earn.

A breakdown of the salary shows that aside the basic salary, provisions are made for hardship allowance for each lawmaker, constituency allowance, newspaper allowance, wardrobe allowance, recess allowance, vehicle maintenance allowance and car allowance.

This, according to Bruce, who took to his twitter handle, is unjustifiable, compared to the paltry N18,000 minimum wage a civil servant is entitled to.

Though making his first foray into the political arena, Bruce expressed disappointment at the massive take-home pay lawmakers who constitute less than one per cent of the nation’s population enjoy at the expense of the masses.

The Silverbird Group Chief Executive, who will represent Bayelsa East Senatorial District at the upper legislative chamber in the next dispensation, expressed anger at the goings on in the National Assembly vis-a-vis the harsh economic situation Nigerians have had to go through over the years.

Tweeting via @benmurraybruce, he said senators must be ready to push for salary increase for workers to commensurate with theirs, or take a pay cut.

“Why must we pay huge furniture and other allowances to legislators? We are collecting rich allowance for representing poor people!

“If we must pay our legislators higher than they pay European Legislators, then we must pay our workers higher than they pay European workers!

“I’m not going to the senate to make money. I have much more than I need. I’m going there to serve God by fighting for the good of Nigerians!”

He also canvassed a similar cut in the cost of governance, while urging the President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari to sell all cars in the presidential fleet and use made-in-Nigerian cars.

Bruce also came down hard on state governors owing salary of workers for up to five months, submitting that “The hottest place in hell should be reserved for Governors who live large at public expense while workers with children have not been paid!

“We must be realistic. If we have to borrow to pay salaries, it’s a sign we must cut salaries, including for Senators. I’ll lead that charge! Left to me, we must sell the Presidential fleet. Public servants, including President, must only use made in Nigeria Peugeot as official car!”