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If Buhari Were To Be Truly Okechukwu

Posted: Sep 14, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)


In the last edition, we carried a piece not concluded on the above title. In this concluding article, we tried to show that Okechukwu Buhari is not and does not have Igbo blood.

Unfortunately, according to some press reports, those already recommended to the President for a Ministerial slot do not have “Chukwu” in their name. They are Professor Anwuka, Rt. Honourable Uwajumogu and Senator Osita Izunaso. If any of these names is to be accepted by the President, efforts must be made by the APC Leadership in the State to add “chukwu” to their names, such as; “Anwukachukwu, Hon. Ejichukwu and Senator Osita Izunachukwu.” The Governor should try to adopt another strategy of ensuring that while presenting the names, he does remind the President, “Okechukwu Buhari” that these three personalities are his distant cousins from Imo State with whom he has ancestral linkage. Maybe, that will do the magic. Because, we do not want to suffer the same calamity which the entire Igbo nation suffered due to non-appointment of the much expected person Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu as SGF.

It is very very important to remind the Governor that the Buhari he was campaigning for as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a former Army General. Many of us, including myself who had some close contact with him several years ago. Know that he is not a man to be cajoled into something that he does not believe in.

For one thing, he is not a man you could jest into or hoodwink into sentimental favour. No, he is a straightforward person, he says little than he carries in his mind. He is highly rigid and transfixed to the core. No matter how friendly you think you are with him that can never attract any type of favour from him or induce amusement from ever satiety face. If you want to impress him, listen, “be straightforward, talk less before him, be honest, devoice yourself of all types of hanky panky maneuvers or political jingoistic expressions and above all, ensure that you don’t have any skeleton in your cupboard and abhor any aspect of corrupt tendencies.” Once you have this type of record, he can deal with you on the most fruitful relationship.

Thus, the Governor must remember that the President has said it loud and clear that he is not going to appoint anybody as Minister who has the slightest corruption stigma. Therefore, the Governor must try to bring out his best devoid of any premedial consideration. Even if it means recommending “a new born baby with adult size and maturity and image.” so be it. We don’t want to lose out again. Afterall, the president is not and cannot be the original “Okechukwu with Igbo blood” as Owelle wants us to believe ofcourse he doesn’t mean it a bit. It’s all politics.

It is important to mention that many people were taken back on hearing what was credited to Owelle in response to the appointment of B.D. Lawal as the SGF in place of Dr. Onu. He was quoted to have said “South East needs Federal projects and not appointment.”

Painfully enough, this statement is not consistent with the cumulative efforts supposed to have been made by Owelle to ensure that “according to speculations” that Ngige or Anwuka was appointed as the SGF. Could it be that Owelle’s legs were dancing different musical tune while beads on his waist were dancing a different tune? Or could it be that he is trying to make up the loss by shading crocodile tears? Nobody of Igbo ethnic nationality can believe that no matter the personality difference among some APC leaders, that Owelle would not have been the first to congratulate Ogbannaya Onu, Chris Ngige or Prof. Anthony Anwuka if any of them had been appointed. Afterall, Owelle is a typical politician the type that Walter Mandale a former Democratic Party Candidate for the Vice Presidency describes as “a politician that is alert, smart and circumspect in order not to be held by the cob webs of political complexities.

No matter what happens, Owelle must do everything to understand the mind of President Buhari apart from dabbing him “Okechukwu Buhari.” Such appellation does not and could not impress the President because of his political chemistry mixed with transfixed temperament. Once Owelle does this, definitely, he would be in position to attract a lot of favours from ever politically steadfast never moved by flattery gestures. But ever and above all, our own governor “my people, my people” will not enjoy the president’s favourable but wary eyes and mind. Definitely, Owelle must do more excellent robust internal public relations in relating to the President and should decent from that fruitless names tag, “Okechukwu Buhari.” It does not have even the most microscopic political value.

Let’s face the fact, President Mohammed Buhari is not and could not be Okechukwu Buhari.