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The Ideal Christian: Manual For Purity, Holiness

Posted: Jul 29, 2015 at 2:46 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Title: The Ideal Christian

Author: Jessica Osa Uwubanmwen

Reviewer: John Airuoyo

Publishers: Joe-Tolalu and Associates

Pages: 66


After appreciating the individuals and family members that the Lord used financially, practically and morally to help her with the writing of this book, the author went ahead to introduce the book and the reason behind it. It is right from the introduction, that the reader will know that he/she has in his hands an inspired book by the Holy Ghost. Then the reader gets to Chapter 1 where he/she is told that “An Ideal Christian is A Lover of Right Things. She defined the word righteousness with dozens of scriptures to support every statement made. Scriptures such as 1Jon.3:7-9; Psa.119:104 and Psa.Psa.103:113; Micah.3:2; Rom.12:2 and many other scriptures were all used to suppirt her statements. On page 1, 2nd paragraph of chapter 1, the author refered the reader to how her husband of blessed memory described the word ‘conform’ as in Rom.12:2. It makes a good reading.

Ideal Christian

Ideal Christian

(The final print may have been corrected on line 7 of paragraph 2(a) on page 3). The author took Purity, Perfection, Holiness and Righteousness treating each one after the other and explaining what they mean in the life of an Ideal Christian. She told the reader why people resort to lies rather than the truth supporting each statement as usual with the scriptures. She specified some of the consequencies of telling lies and the way out of a lying tongue; all with Bible references. To crown chapter 1, the author affirmed, “I am speaking directly to the church that they should hate sin and love righteousness. This is because to make Heaven is not by mere talking; it is by doing what the word of God says we should do”.

Chapter 2 started with the topic: “The Attitude of an Ideal Christian” which the author defined as the “way you react to people under any circumstance”. The author’s advice is that the christian should always love and not pray that our enemies should die. She used Stephen for example that even when he was being stoned to death, he was asking God to forgive them: Acts.7:57-60. On page 11 paragraph 2 of chapter 2, she talked of the type of prayers that Christians pray that make her unhappy; Check it out.

In chapter 3, the author inform the reader that “God’s Word need no addition nor Subtraction. Based on her long years in the church and listening to different Pastors and so called men of God, she observed that delibrately, some of them preach half truths for selfish purposes. For example on page 15, she talked of preachers that will manipulate people to sow the seed of faith for them to be millionaires, build houses and that they will have fleet of cars when they sow the seed of faith. According to her preachers should preach more on the things that will lead the people to Heaven. The author pleads with and warn the preachers that preach for selfish gains, that except they repent and change their ways, they shall miss it altogether. After talking to the preachers and pastors, she turned to the congregation on page 17 where she brought to readers notice that there are two types of congregation members. 1. The born again Christian and  2. The church goers (the churchian). While the born again Christian is serious with the Word of God to obey it, the church goer is concernd with denomination (the name of the church he/she attends as if it is the name of a church that will take him/her to Heaven. The author quoted John.3:5,6 and other scriptures to support her statements. She counsels the reader to search the scriptures for himself and grow thereby.

In chapter 4, the author classified the categories of people that live in this world; as 1. The unbelievers who are blinded to the Truth and deaf to reasoning. No matter what you say or do, they never believe in God or that God exist. They reason that man and animals emanated from somewhere somehow, the ones that looked like chimpanzees started to bath with medicated soap or something and gradually changed to be human beings.

2. The church goers the author classifies as those who go to church, enjoys the Word of God but Satan does not allow them to dwell in the Word. They are double minded she says, quoting 1 John.2:18 and other scriptures.

3. The born-again Christian: they hear the Word and dwell in the Word. Their lifestyle tells and singles them out. You see their Christian nature from their reactions to issues of life.

4. The 4th category she called the backslider. The author believes the backslider did not really know the Lord fully well in the 1st instance. She, as usual has so many scriptures to support her statements.

Chapter 5 deals with the issue of “Relationship between the Trinity and the Believer.” The author gave some wonderful revelations on Gen.3:8-21; when man fell and God covered them with the skin of slain animal;  2. The Ark of Noah that the few selected ones entered and others perished;  3. the bronze serpent that was raised in the wilderness for the children of Israel to look unto and be saved as recorded in Num.21:4-9. The author says the revelations she has is that on each of this occassion, Jesus was the character.  Chapter 5 contains some revelations that may have been hidden from so many Christians for along time. Please get the book for I have the belief and conviction that the Holy Spirit gave this author the aunction to write the book. She did not use the entising words of men but the Holy Spirit spoke to her as she wrote.

In chapter 6, the author’s opinion is that to really be an Ideal Christian, you must be zealous in the spread of the gospel. Evangelism must be a priority in your Christian life. She made reference to Jesus’s reply to His earthly parents in Lk.2:49. Our Father’s business is soul winning. She tells the reader in chapter 6, the benefits of soul winning. Chapter 6 is interesting to read because of the four (4) topics treated in this chapter – 1.  “The Father’s business”  2. “Benefits of Going to Church”.  3. Benefits of Soul Winning”.  4. Have a Thankful Heart”.

Chapter 7 which looks like the last chapter, is elongated by prayers, songs and testimonies that are dear to the author’s heart. Her main topic in chapter 7, is “The Grace of God” which she define as “God’s Free and Unmerited Favour for Sinful Humanity. The author used herself as an example of someone enjoying the grace of God for the past thirty five (35) years. Quoting Apostle Paul in 1Cor.15:10, she says “By the grace of God I am what I am: and His grace for me was not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them, yet not I but the grace of that was with me”. She gave several Bible passages to support the fact that without the grace of God we can do nothing. As earlier indicated, this book of revelations which ended with songs, prayers, reflections and testimonies, is an inspirational book for pastors, the congregational members and the Christian body as a whole who want to walk the walk of Christ in order to make Heaven. This is what ‘The Ideal Christian’ is all about.