Ibori’s Return Will Bring Urhobo Back To Political Limelight – UYE | Independent Newspapers Limited
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Ibori’s Return Will Bring Urhobo Back To Political Limelight – UYE

Ibori's Return Will Bring Urhobo Back To Political Limelight - UYE
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Following the recent disclosure by Chief Ighoyota Amori that Chief James Onanefe Ibori, former Delta State governor, would celebrate Christmas in Nigeria, a group, Urhobo Youths in Europe, has stated that his return would bring Urhobo back to political limelight.

Urhobo Youths in Europe in a statement by Comrade Emmanuel Sakpakpa, its president, called on Urhobo leaders to settle all political rifts, like the one of Hon. Henry Baro, Newton Agbofodoh, Chief Paulinus Akpeki and others before the arrival of the political hero.

He said that since the incarceration of Chief Ibori in London, the politics of Urhobo had gone into extinction with no one to direct them, adding that his absence had made Urhobo to become a laughing stock among her political peers.

Sakpakpa added that they were regarded as empty vessels that make noise with their numerical strength but nothing to show for it.

He said, “When we first got the information that former Governor James Ibori would return to Nigeria in July this year, we prepared tickets, banners, posters, among others, to welcome the Urhobo political hero but were disappointed when we heard from reliable sources that he won’t be released until some issues were cleared.

“Now that the information of his return is coming from the mouth of Chief Ighoyata Amori, one of his strongest political allies, that Chief Ibori will celebrate Christmas in Nigeria, we became excited again and by His grace all our preparations are all intact and we will storm Nigeria to welcome Chief Ibori, Urhobo political hero, back to Nigeria,” the statement added.

The statement wondered why Chief Ibori was made a scapegoat, noting that more worrisome was the fact that those of the Oghara-born politician who are of Urhobo extraction empowered while he held sway in office were not bothered over the “whereabouts of our illustrious son.”

The group reasoned that while former President Goodluck Jonathan granted pardon to his kinsman, late Chief Depreiye Alameseigha, who was convicted of corruption in the country, Ibori who was acquitted of any wrongdoing by a Federal High Court in Nigeria was hounded into prison and left to “rot in jail in a foreign land.”

The statement while appealing for unity among Urhobo politicians, blamed the political leaders of Urhobo land for the marginalisation of the people by all tiers of governments in the country.

He lamented that they rejoiced over “evils meted out to their own” but that they, Urhobo Youths in Europe, would always welcome support Ibori because he is the greatest Urhobo political leader ever.”